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Ravinder Siwach, National Creative Director, Havas Creative, shares his views on the disappearance of ‘Entertainment quotient’ of advertising, especially on TV, growth of Digital at the cost of other media choices, and more. 

What were the few big changes that you think were of importance in 2019 for our industry?
The ‘Entertainment quotient’ of advertising, especially on TV, is going, going, gone. Barring a few exceptions, what we saw throughout the year was more and more of ‘informational advertising’. And this quote kept coming back to me throughout the year – ‘you can entertain in the hope of educating, but not educate in the hope of entertaining’. Also, with the media spends getting spread over digital, performance marketing, Google SEO, etc., and with days of acquiring followers ‘organically’ on social media gone, 30 is the new 60 seconder on TV. With all this pressure, clients are increasingly realising that mere presence on digital is not enough. Digital spends have to start contributing to brand building and indeed provide an ROI. 

What are the big changes that you are expecting in 2020?
TV will continue to be the ‘brahmastra’ for those who can afford it. Digital will continue to get appropriated. And consumer attention will continue to wither. Bad times ahead for average work. Great times ahead for great work. That’s the writing on the wall for me. 

How has the consumer behaviour changed with the introduction of tech-based marketing?
I hear the consumer saying ‘stop chasing me’. The way we are using tech is merely to push our marketing agenda. We need to become more meaningful – in our algorithms, and in our approach to marketing as an industry. Otherwise more and more consumers will ‘Duck Duck Go’. 

Are we expected to see some big shifts around data regulation in India?
I have been hearing that for a while. It’s safe to assume that regulations are going to become more stringent. As to how much and how soon, my guess is as good as anybody else’s. 

How do you anticipate the AdEx growth across platforms in 2020?
Digital will continue to grow. And it will happen at the cost of other media choices. Amongst digital platforms, I think Instagram and TikTok will see the best growths.


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