Trends 2020: When digital will play a critical role in augmenting customer intelligence

Sonia Khurana, COO, Digitas India, lists her favourite digital campaigns of 2019, and also shares her predictions on the next big thing in digital in 2020. 

Which were your favourite top 5 digital campaigns of 2019?

  • Puma Propah Lady: This tops my list for multiple reasons – it’s relevant to the times, it’s engaging, it’s fierce and it’s fun. The narrative flows through all digital touchpoints relevant to the campaign – YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, the Puma website and more. It’s a campaign led by a bunch of empowered women and it shows. And of course, it’s a home production. 
  • The next on my list is the Australian insurance company Australian Associated Motor Insurers (AAMI) combining Spotify and geolocation to alert drivers to hazards when driving on the country’s roads. The campaign serves bespoke ads to Spotify listeners based on dangerous hotspots, using data about recent accidents. It uses geo-targeting to reach drivers in precise locations. I love this one because it’s just so smart! 
  • FlipKart’s Hagglebot, because it’s a fabulous combination of consumer insight plus technology! 
  • The IKEA Real Life Series, where living rooms of popular TV shows (‘Friends’, ‘Simpsons’, ‘Stranger Things’) were recreated using only the furnishings from Ikea. It’s one of my favourite because it uses pop culture so simply and elegantly. And the reported outcome suggests that it worked! 
  • Burger King’s Whopper Detour for its big, bold idea that used technology so smartly! 

In terms of brands spending and adapting digital medium, how was 2019 vs 2018?
The trend from the past year continues, where digital spends are on the rise. The year 2019 saw key moments like the General Elections and cricketing events, which further fuelled spends on digital. Growth of the digitally active audience led by increased penetration of the Internet, affordable smartphones and the emergence of platforms like TikTok are making every marketer relook at their digital spends quite actively. 

What’s the next big thing in digital in 2020?
It’s that time of the year and there will be plenty of predictions, so I will stay away from predicting anything. Realistically speaking and in my opinion, the two key things that will keep all of us on our feet in 2020 are: 

  1. How do brands leverage the ever increasing opportunity that is being created by the rise of content creators on digital?  
  1. A greater focus on enhancing experiences, where digital will play a critical role in augmenting customer intelligence.

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