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Tribal DDB's innovative campaign for Star Movies' Forever Bond

Star Movies India, one of the country's top English movie channels, gave its Bond fans the rare opportunity to play Bond himself while kick starting its Bond Film Festival titled, Forever Bond. The festival began in July 2011 showcasing Bond films spanning decades from oldest classics to recent flicks.

The "Play Bond' campaign on the digital platform attempted to let Bond fans experience playing Bond himself in action. Tribal DDB India, the digital agency for Star Movies India, created an engaging and highly viral online solution to generate the buzz required for the campaign.

Tribal DDB India created an innovation banner that rested on the Star Movies site as well as it was strategically placed on various movie portals. The concept was to connect a banner to a mobile. The banner asks the user to enter his mobile number in order to Play Bond.

Once the user enters his number, the user gets a call from "M'. The IVR then asks the user to dial 1 on his mobile to shoot the page, 2 to use the laser beam and 3 to blow up the page, truly Bond style.

Tribal DDB India also created an App as another extension of the "Play Bond' concept. The App, hosted on the Star Movies Facebook Fanpage allowed the user to Play Bond on any website. The user could do so by following 3 simple steps - drag the "007' App to bookmark bar, open any website and then click on the link in the bookmark to activate the App.

Once the App was activated, users would see an Aston Martin on the site and then the user could destroy the page using various effects. Users could maneuver Bond's car using the arrow keys and the space key could be used to throw flames, bullets, laser beams etc. The user could then see the page being destroyed. The entire execution of the App gave it the Bond feel.

"Gadgets are an important part of Bond movies, and how he uses them on his mission defines his personality. We created an innovation banner that gave the user the opportunity to play bond on the digital space", says Abhishek Das, Creative Director, Tribal DDB India India.

Commenting on this innovation, Saurabh Yagnik, General Manager & Senior VP, English Channels, said, "STAR Movies is an Expert and a leading destination for the biggest Hollywood blockbusters in India. We celebrate the spirit of the Hollywood heroes and are committed to growing the consumption of Hollywood movies here. Everyone has fantasized "playing Bond' at some point in time and swoon over the gadgets, the gizmos, the Car and the interesting women. We at Star Movies have provided our viewers the opportunity to "Play Bond' real time. We are proud to bring innovations in the digital space seen for the first time in India. As our viewers largely reside online we have gone beyond the clutter of conventional media through these never seen before initiatives."

Max Hegerman, President, Tribal DDB India, adds, "The digital innovation is definitely the first of its kind in India, for the banner as well as the app. But most importantly it has managed to reflect an important essence of Bond movies and his style."

S.V. Sunilkumar, Media Head, Tribal DDB India India, said, "This "out- of- the-screen' experience for the user has translated into some phenomenal numbers in terms of the delivery of the campaign which saw interaction rates as high as 4.37% & CTRs of 2.34%. Taking a line out of M's book, "Thank You Bond, Mission Accomplished!"

Tribal DDB India's attempt at giving every Bond fan the opportunity to play their hero has definitely caught on with the fan base. The banner got over 10,000 clicks and unique numbers within the first day of its release. So if you want to Play Bond, visit


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