TTK Healthcare announces the launch of its Sexual Pleasure Brand- MsChief

TTK Healthcare, India’s leading healthcare and consumer goods company announces the launch of its all-new homegrown sexual pleasure brand, MsChief. Encouraging women to #ClaimYourPleasure, MsChief offers a wide range of products such as accessories, lubricants, stimulants and condoms that aim to bridge the Pleasure Gap. 

Defining the context through a setup, MsChief introduces a social experiment film by examining a grandmother and granddaughter’s lifestyle. The granddaughter is showcased as a modern young woman who is educated and progressive with an independent outlook towards life and one who is making choices that are ahead of societal norms. Few instances that highlight her choices include her self-driving capabilities, taking trips with her friends, and having sexual partners before. In stark contrast, her grandmother - is a product of her time and generation, confined to the norms who has dropped out of college to get married at an early age, spends most of her time at home, and one who doesn’t express her needs.

Addressing the changing dynamics over generations, the film further highlights a variety of concerns for the women of today as the duo responds to questions around dissatisfied sex lives, and the inability to reach climax. While their lives and freedoms seem polar opposite at first, the answer that brought them together was each of their dissatisfaction when it comes to orgasms. Through the candid conversation, the interviewer taps into their social, emotional and sexual aspects of their lives. The changing dynamics showcase the empowering 21st century women face common questions when it comes to the needle that has barely moved when it comes to claiming their pleasure. 

Owing to this pleasure gap, MsChief throws light on the research that emphasizes a considerably lesser number of women experiencing climax during sexual encounters, as opposed to men. The pleasure gap is often treated as a hushed subject when it comes to societal discussions. Therefore, the MsChief as a brand at its core would like to take a step in the right direction by enabling, empowering and educating women about sexual wellness and pleasure.

 “TTK Healthcare has always been the pioneering force within the sexual pleasure landscape, spearheading change and revolutionising consumer behavior. Our brand of pleasure condoms - Skore - has captured a significant slice of the Indian market, while our pleasure portal – - has captured the imagination of the Indian youth. 

It is this ecosystem that the company sets out to expand with the launch of MsChief. A sexual pleasure brand which rejects the idea that woman should settle for diminished or muted pleasure” says Vishal Vyas, Head of Marketing. 

MsChief hits the market with products that are both safe and friendly to the skin, and with a service that offers discreet delivery. Each product is designed to maximize pleasure, either through solo or through partner play. And additionally, the lubricants are women-friendly and manufactured with natural flavors. 

Commenting on the film he adds” With MsChief, we are now bringing an important conversation to the forefront with regards to women's pleasure with the help of this social experiment film, Today, women are forging ahead with milestones in all industries and fields, have broken barriers in terms of pay parity and education, but the pleasure gap is something which needs to be addressed equally openly. The purpose of brand MsChief is single-minded: address this inequality in the bedroom and close this pleasure gap for good,”


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