Tubelight’s Marketing Campaign sets new records in the field of Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is the most interactive and fast paced medium. Today, several people’s mindset and thinking are shaped through this medium. Tubelight’s digital marketing campaign was truly one to reckon with. Digitally, the film saw several marketing innovations and crossed milestone after milestone with a number of firsts to its credit.

Salman Khan’s fan following is unparalleled. Keeping this thought in mind, the marketing campaign’s main motto was to put the fans first, thereby tapping into Salman Khan’s biggest markets including India, USA, United Kingdom, UAE, Canada, Malaysia, Australia, etc. The campaign was multi-lingual in nature with languages like English, Hindi and Urdu.

 Tubelight launched its social media properties through an innovative video with the word ‘Tubelight’ flickering on the screen and kids singing in the background. The actor has a strong affinity towards children. As a result of which, children became an integral part of the campaign and got an opportunity to interact with Salman Khan.

Tubelight became the first Bollywood film to have a Twitter character emoji that appears every time you use a hashtag related to the film like #TubelightKiEid, #Tubelight, #Radio and others. This innovation led to mass social media interaction which involved more than 10 hashtags related to the film.

The Facebook Camera Filter marked another first when it came to digital marketing innovation. The filter depicted an animated version of Salman’s signature pair of shoes that are seen wrapped around his neck in the film. This was not the only marketing innovation associated with Facebook. Tubelight was also the first ever Bollywood film to get its own Facebook Cover Video.


Tubelight also associated with GIPHY, the biggest GIF making website. The website dedicated an entire channel to the film, where GIFs from key moments in the music videos and the trailer were created. GIPHY has only associated with Hollywood films in the past and Tubelight was its first Bollywood film association.  GIPHY set up an official Tubelight page where users can consume content. The GIFs are also available on all the GIPHY empowered social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp Messenger, etc.

Not only did the #TubelightTeaser trend on Twitter India for more than 14 hours, it also trended worldwide. The teaser received 19 million views on YouTube and was the first Bollywood film to cross 10 million views in just 48 hours. It also garnered 8.9 million views on Facebook. The teaser video was also the fastest asset to cross 100K likes on YouTube and currently is the most liked teaser in India with 467K likes.

Salman Khan trended twice on Facebook. First after the launch of the teaser and second after the launch of the first musical track, the Radio song. Radio trended #1 on YouTube in more than 25 countries, including India, Australia, Canada, Germany, New Zealand, etc. Tubelight crossed more than 27.2K followers on Twitter, 267K likes on Facebook, 48.5K followers on Instagram, and 796K subscribers on YouTube.

Mr. Gautam B. Thakker, CEO, Everymedia Technologies Pvt. Ltd. said, “Salman Khan Films gave us the opportunity to spread our wings and explore the digital space to the best of our abilities. Communicating closely with Salman Khan fans was our objective for the campaign and with every innovation and strategy, we came closer to our goal. We have worked on several films, but no film has given us as many opportunities to break ground as Tubelight did.”

Tubelight has been one of the most interactive marketing campaigns and has given fans opportunity after opportunity to get closer to their favourite star, Salman Khan.


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