&TV | Is hafte &TV pe hoga twists and turns ka roller coaster!

&TV is all set to take its viewers on a roller coaster ride in the upcoming week that will be filled with a lot of ups, downs and loops. Bhabiji Ghar Par Hai’s Vibhuti Narayan Mishra (Aasif Sheikh) challenges Manmohan Tiwari (Rohitashv Gour) that he will break into his house and steal the guldaan. The bet goes against him when a real chor enters the house and steals Angoori Bhabi (Shubhangi Atre) necklace worth 5 lakh! Now everyone thinks Vibhuti is a thief and the commissioner writes on his arm ‘Mera baap Nahi me Chor hu’. Will Vibhuti ji be able to prove his innocence? In Santoshi Maa-Sunaye Vrat Kathaye, there is a wave of happiness in the family as Rinki (Priya Verma) is getting married and Swati (Tanvi Dogra) is pregnant. But roadblocks never leave Swati’s side, as Swati’s pregnancy report comes out, Laila (Ridhiema Tiwari) announces that Swati is 3.5 months pregnant. Will Swati get to know the truth or will people accuse her character?

Whereas in Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai? things get heated up as Mirza (Pawan Singh) and Mishra (Ambrish Bobby) end up praising each other’s wives in front of their own. Shanti (Farhana Fatema) and Sakina (Akansha Sharma) make their respective husbands’ life hell as a result of which they both plan and cook up story on how the whole mohalla thinks that Shanti and Sakina are not good at cooking. Getting triggered by the gossips, Shanti and Sakina decide to have a cooking competition.
Who will win the competition and prove their cooking skills in front of Bajariya? Sharing more on the forthcoming track, Aasif Sheikh aka Vibhuti Narayan Mihra shares, “Chor ka darza akhir kise pasand hai. Vibhuti was innocent, but his luck was so bad that on the very day the real theft took place! He gets traumatized as people start calling him names and he is eventually sent behind the bars until the real thief was caught.

Now it will be interesting to see till what extent everyone will go to make Vibhuti feel better.” Tanvi Dogra aka Swati shares, “Pregnancy is a big deal for any woman. Swati and Indresh were really happy getting with the news but, their life took a 360 degree turn as Laila announces that Swati is 3.5 months pregnant whereas it has only been 1.5 months since her returning home. Everyone starts pointing at her character. A woman can deal with everything but she cannot bear her character assassination. Now it will be a challenge for Swati to bring out the truth and prove her innocence.” Farhana Fatema aka Shanti Mishra shares, “Ab apne hi pairon par kulhadi marne wala kaam karenge toh zindagi narak hogi hi. Mishra and Mirza end up doing something that triggers their respective wives. The whole hustle bustle leads to Bajariya’s very own master chef competition. But the problem does not end with the competition, it gives rise to some more twists in the tale.”

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