&TV presents an inseparable bond of Yeshu and Mary

Portraying a beautiful mother-son relationship in &TV's Yeshu are Sonali Nikam aka Mary and Vivaan Shah aka Yeshu. Since the show's premiere, the pair has successfully managed to captivate viewers with their loving bond and warm chemistry. And off-screen, the duo shares a similar bond that helps them bring the best in each other.

Speaking about this special bond and portraying the role of a mother, who guides and nurtures her son to his life purpose, Sonali Nikam, aka Mary, comments, "Vivaan is a young child artist who is extremely obedient, diligent and dedicated. In my initial meeting, I found him very warm and welcoming. Once the shoot started, we instantly struck a chord. He seeks my guidance on several things. We chat on numerous topics and play games together. Our bond has become close and stronger in a short period.

Playing an on-screen mother has taught me so many things and have spurred out so many emotions of love, care and being protective, especially when it comes to Vivaan. Every time he gives a good shot, I feel proud of his work like any mother would pat her son on his back. Expressing his love and fondness towards his on-screen mother Sonali, Vivaan Shah, aka Yeshu, says, "In the beginning, I used to address Sonali as Sonali ma'am, but with time, I have started addressing her as Sonali Maa. She is my friend, philosopher and guide. I look up to her a lot, especially while rehearsing, as she helps me improvise. I am always happy to have her around, telling her my stories and day-to-day happenings. Just like my real mother, Sonali Maa, is very caring and always looks out for me. I feel very fortunate to have my real and on-screen mother with me.

She also surprises with me small gifts and my favourite chocolates. What more can I ask for than love from my on-screen and real mother?"


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