TV Show Review | Jeannie Aur Juju a hilarious experience: Rated 3 Stars

At a time when a refreshing and much needed change on our television screens was required Jeannie Aur Juju have entered our homes to perk up and lighten viewer’s moods. Jeannie Aur Juju which premiered on 5th November 2012 on SAB TV intends doing just that! The channel brings to audiences a fascinating show about the love of a genie for a regular mortal. The comedy is an Indian adaption of the popular American sitcom with a fantasy premise called ‘I Dream Of Jeannie’, originally created and produced by legendary author Sidney Sheldon.  The comedy genre is the most preferred and hence will always be a favourite with all age groups. A show of this genre makes for welcome viewing, especially after being subjected to the typical saas-bahu serials heavily laden with emotional drama.

The fantasy comedy is based around a pilot and a genie who causes him more trouble than he can handle. Jeannie’s concern and fascination for him which invariably lands him in a soup is what Jeannie and Juju is all about. She is a cute and pretty genie who takes you into a make believe world with her magic. She is naughty and at the same time a bundle of positive energy who only believes in making her Juju happy! Owning a genie is everyone's dream and our protagonist Vicky is dazed when he actually sees one. He gradually falls in love with the quirky and gorgeous Jeannie and what follows is more comical than romantic.

The storyline is based on the romantic and fantasy filled adventures of Jeannie (Giaa Manek) and Captain Vicky Arora (Ali Asgar) who is a commercial pilot. The action begins when Vicky has to abandon his plane to  make an emergency landing. He is marooned on a deserted island. While making efforts to get help for himself he comes across a bottle among the debris and accidentally liberates a genie (Jeannie) who has been trapped inside the proverbial bottle since the last 2000 years. It’s love at first sight for Jeannie who ultimately tricks Vicky and follows him back into his world. The well intentioned Jeannie only tries to make life better for Vicky but actually puts him into more troublesome situations. Juju becomes the centre of her very existence and she actually succeeds in winning over his affections. It’s only a matter of time before this very naughty yet lovable Jeannie will become the centre of Vicky’s universe and the chase will turn into a sweet tale of romance, magic and fantasy. Gia and Ali are supported by a host of acclaimed artists like Kurush Deboo, Shoma Anand, Jatin Mukhi etc who play pivotal roles in the show.

In the show, Vicky has nosy neighbours and friends who constantly feel that he owns something suspicious that is responsible for all the sudden magical changes in his life. Vicky tries in vain to keep Jeannie away from prying eyes only to complicate matters further worse. Meanwhile, we discover Vicky is already engaged and his fiancée is his boss’s overzealous daughter!

Hilarious situations ensue when Vicky tries to put off explaining what actually transpired on the island and is reluctant to reveal Jeannie’s secret. He makes up stories and in the bargain subjects himself to more complications with all his friends and colleagues at work. But Jeannie saves the day for Vicky with her magical tricks and succeeds in getting him out of trouble!

The concept will appeal to all ages. Kids would love the magic and mischief and the adults can relish the emotional layers along with the humour.

The theme is fresh and stimulating. Outdoor cinematography is impressive especially in the opening scene which takes us to a beautiful virgin island much akin to that portrayed in the movies. The direction is good and same can be said of the performances by all the actors.

It is a unique offering and the special effects are an added attraction which gives the show a boost.

The target audience are kids as well as adults and Jeannie’s magical tricks will definitely entice kids to watch the show. Launching the show at a time when children are on the verge of their festival holidays is also sure to increase viewership for this serial.

Giaa Manek who was seen in the popular show "Saath Nibhana Saathiya" has shed the traditional look and is seen in harem pants and shimmering outfits. Her innocence works for the character and Ali Asgar's experience enhances the show even further. An actor of good repute he is very convincing in portraying his helplessness in the situation that he has created for himself. The show promises to be charmingly funny and irresistibly cute.

Being an uncommon genre on Indian television audiences are sure to enjoy this novel experience. Hence a serial to be enjoyed with the family and get involved   in Jeannie’s and Juju’s hilarious experiences. Certainly not to be missed the show promises entertainment inspite of all the confusion and misunderstandings courtesy the fun loving Jeannie...

Adgully gives “ Jeannie Aur Juju” a magical 3 out of 5 stars.


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