TV Show Review | 'Ram Leela Ajay Devgn ke Saath' a visual treat!

Life OK is a channel that turns up the volume on things that really matter through its unique & poignant programmes. It is an invitation and a reminder to everyone to value things that really matter in life through life’s changing moments. People want to wake up each day, feeling good about the world and good about themselves.

The channel aims to make a difference to every individual, every family and every community and raise viewers spirits, bring them together and give them best stories to enjoy.

In a first of many such efforts on part of the channel, Life OK premiered on Indian television a never before aired biggest ever musical extravaganza. A musical based on the epic saga of Ramayana, with a blend of traditional dance and drama, showcased in a never before seen format. With Ajay Devgn as Sutradhar, this musical mini-series promises to bring alive the festive season from Dussehra to Diwali using a mix of dance, drama, songs and technology. Ballad ‘Ramleela Ajay Devgan Ke Saath’ aired on Life OK at 8 pm on 21st October 2012. It was  an unusual, rare and one of a kind show on television in recent times coinciding with the Dassera and upcoming Diwali festival fast approaching. The show portrays the battle of good against evil and the mythological experience has been taken to a different level altogether.

The show started off with an introductory dance sequence, a welcome song followed by  Ajay Devgan’s  grand entry on the stage  to  introduce the ballad. Amidst much excitement from the audience he bowed down in obeisance to the idols of Ram and Sita before performing an aarti to the deities. He then interacted with the audience and viewers to share with them the events due to unfold before them.

Introducing our great culture he informed the viewers of how Lord Vishnu in the form of Ram lived in Ayodhya. The first scene to unfold was Vishwamitra performing a ‘havan’ in the presence of some sages and sanyasis. But there is trouble when demons emanate from the fire. Ram makes his maiden entry along with his brother Lakshman and they save Vishwamitra and the sages   from the troubling demons. We are then taken to the grand event of Sita’s ‘Swayamvar’ where her father King Janak is on the lookout for a groom for her. An apprehensive Sita prays to the Goddess for a good husband. She comes face to face with Ram for the first time and both are attracted to each other. Ram is smitten with her beauty and cannot take his eyes off her.

It is announced that the prince who is able to break Shiva’s bow will be eligible to marry Sita. The following scene depicts King Janak’s palace where princes from different states have gathered to accomplish the feat . The successful prince stands to win Sita’s hand in marriage. Vishwamitra who is also present at the occasion suggests Ram to try his hand at the feat. He is successful much to Sita’s joy and happiness. The marriage takes place with Ram and Sita exchanging garlands.

Kaikeyi, one of King Dashrath’s three wives is not too pleased with the turn of events. She is brainwashed and expresses her dissatisfaction with Ram becoming the successor to his father’s throne. She is keen that her son Bharat be the rightful successor . Dasharath gives in to her demands and it is decided that Ram and Sita be banished from the palace and sent to the forest for 14 years. Therefore Ram,Sita accompanied by Lakshman leave for their exile in the forest. All three leave with a heavy heart. Bharat continues to rule Ayodhya on behalf of Ram. Ram the obedient son that he is refuses to break his promise given to his father and continues his life in exile. ‘Praan Jaye Par Vachan Na Jaye’ is the note on which the episode ends.

Ajay Devgan in the role of a ‘Sutradhar’ makes his appearance on the stage from time to time to engage with the viewers and inform them about the epic Ramayan.

The story telling was in short and brief skits of 5-10 minutes each. Interspersed with songs and dances it helped to  uplift the somber  mood of the story.

Characterisation is effective with the different mythological portrayed by actors familiar from Bollywood as well as the television industry. Their acting and delivery of dialogues were impressive . Rajniesh Duggal as Ram and Richa Pallod as Sita did justice to their characters but could have been slightly more convincing.

The sets  were typical of the mythological background and well planned. The colourful, vivid and rich look of the sets made the show all the more impressive. Grand arches, massive gates, gigantic statues, lethal weapons are all weaved in a decor that reflects on the splendour and glory of Lord Rama’s times.

The revolving sets contributed to change of scenes at a fast pace. Credit has to be given to the lighting and special visual effects too which gave a boost to the unusual format of the show. Choreography by Remo D’Souza was not unusually outstanding.  The songs and the musical score too were average. The costumes looked authentic and convincing.

The target audience were all age groups ranging from teenagers to the senior citizens who watched the ballad with awe, rapt attention, displayed emotions and seemed deeply impressed with the show.

A show of any genre always makes a difference when seen ‘live’ and when viewed on the television medium. Same can be said of the ballad Ramleela.  The live viewing experience is  incomparable to watching it as an audience on television. The latter fails to inspire, excite and entertain which is the trademark of a ‘live’ show.

But inspite of this the overall presentation was impressive and certainly impacted audiences. An effort to convey an age old tale through modern technology has been successful. With every successive episode there is sure to be more excitement and entertainment in this different format which is rare for a show of this genre The finest of performances, eclectic music, grand sets with path breaking light and sound certainly made  ‘Ram Leela Ajay Devgn ke Saath’ a visual treat for audiences.

Adgully gives ‘Ramleela Ajay Devgan Ke Saath’ a glittering 3 out of 5 stars.


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