TV9 Bangla airs “Tomari Matir Kanya-Anya Agamoni” this Mahalaya

TV9 Bangla kicks off an exclusive dramatic emotional content, “Tomari Matir Kanya-Anya Agamoni” for the viewers. In a week ahead of this upcoming Durga Pujo, TV9 Bangla promises viewers with slew of thrilling experience.

Festivity in Bengal belongs to one and many. Befittingly, the tagline “Anya Agamoni” speaks of an arrival of the paternal home coming of the daughter or the mother goddess Durga in a different way, denoting the very beginning of festive occurrences, and this perfectly dedicates to “Tomari Matir Kanya” signifying the daughter belonging to the mother earth.

The concept of this 120 minutes programme constitutes of idolising nature by different communities. Here Ma Durga is being worshipped as the mother earth or nature- the ensembles of colours and emotions, the traditions, culture, and language woven cumulatively depicting the entirety as ‘Uma’- an identity of Ma Durga in Hindu tradition.

Like every good deed has bad under-goings, the virtue of nature undergoes evil doings, and this is none other than the demons- the Asuras according to Hindu Mythology. Through this program, TV9 Bangla brings out how atrocities should be slayed to give rise to ‘Shakti’ – the good deeds prevailing over and against the evils. Tomari Matir Kanya expresses the state of Bengal and the language regarded as Ma or Mother and the rise of Mother goddess Durga is what Mahalaya is all about- knells to the demise of the Pitri Paksha or the end of honoring the ancestors and the beginning of Devi Paksha or the prelude to the auspicious worship of Devi Shakti to defeat the evils.

Successive covid wraths have not only brought a debacle to the human lives, but its ill-effects apparently prey on nature as well. In this infotainment, Ma Durga epitomises mother earth or nature, who bears bout of autumnal opulence and bliss that pours an infinite positivity arousing a feeling of festivity amidst darkness. The nature embraces its creation with an open arm. The art, culture, literature, traditions, and emotions of Bengal once again occupies the hearts of every Bengalis explicitly captivating their spirit for enriching them globally.

Tune on to TV9 Bangla today to catch the exclusive program “Tomari Matir Kanya- Anya Agamoni” from 7pm onwards.


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