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Twitter acquires Dublin-based app improvement platform OpenBack

Twitter has acquired Dublin-based app improvement platform OpenBack leading it to being able to personalize and customize the notifications generated by its app for all the users. In this way Twitter plans to upgrade the promptitude and importance of its notifications, decreasing the effect of Apple’s ATT update.

OpenBack makes use of a host of machine learning programs and on-device signals to identify the ideal time to provide push notifications for each user. It utilizes customization and personalization feature of content in real time, eliminating the use of complicated backend systems and enabling real time personalization and segmentation of messages for every user, giving rise to more click-through rates. With this merger, the app will deliver push notifications at just the right moment, by tracking, controlling and updating the user journey.

The Head of Consumer Product at Twitter, Jay Sullivan said “Millions of people visit Twitter through its notifications each day, therefore the notifications have to be relevant, engaging and timely, devoid of unimportant notifications which the users cannot relate with. The most effective push notifications are those that make people to converse on topics that are relevant to them on Twitter”.

Highlighting and enhancing the most favoured tweet content on the app at the perfect moment will make more and more people to engage in real time discussions, making Twitter a crucial utility.

Getting data and information on facts such as when the users are more likely to engage with the app on the basis of earlier behaviour and the notifications that they are most likely to respond to, will be an important step where OpenBack can help Twitter and will bring change in the notification system of the app soon.







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