Twitter celebrates First View anniversary in India

In this media-saturated culture, it is a challenge for brands to get in front of a huge target audience, at precisely the right moment. First View enables brands to reach out to audiences, own that moment and drive awareness; whether it’s launching a new product or campaign, promoting a new movie or TV show, or telling a new brand story. 

Introduced one year ago, First View gives brands exclusive ownership of Twitter’s most valuable real estate – the top ad slot – for 24 hours. It uses the most popular form of content today – video. First View’s exclusive placement enables brands to achieve ‘Love at First View’, getting attention at the top of the timeline when people are at their most receptive. 

First View enables brands to be a part of what’s happening right now in a high-impact way. Brands such as Reliance Jio have combined First View videos with Promoted Trends to deepen engagement and drive conversations. A ‘Love at First View’ moment drives positive sentiment, purchase intent, and brand and campaign awareness, Twitter’s research shows. A First View video in the Twitter timeline generates a 22 per cent uplift on average across all brand metrics, versus videos experienced deeper in the timeline. 

To celebrate First View’s first anniversary, Twitter has presented some insights and best practices for leveraging its top ad slot in brand campaign. 

Video commands attention in a competitive, crowded marketplace 

First View has helped brands across a variety of verticals quickly achieve scale with compelling video creative. On average, First View can increase Tweet recall by more than 141 per cent; campaign awareness by +58 per cent; message association, +29 per cent; brand awareness, +18 per cent; and purchase intent, +13 per cent (Source: Twitter Brand Effect Studies, Q4 2016, First View activation). 

With an increase in content that competes for consumers’ attention, First View helps brands break through with immersive creative video at the top of the Twitter timeline. Memory response is highest in the first 30 seconds of a Twitter session, and users are more likely to connect emotionally to content early on, according to Twitter research. 

It was found that the first videos people see on Twitter generate the strongest responses, compared to videos and other content experienced later in the timeline. 

Video is the most popular form of content today. It is expected to be the fastest-growing content type on mobile and desktop through at least 2020 (Source: eMarketer  Digital Video Advertising Continues to Expand ), when it will account for more than 80 per cent of all consumer internet traffic (Source: White paper: Cisco VNI Forecast and Methodology, 2015-2020). Video Tweets are six times more likely to be shared than image Tweets, according to our research (Source: Neuro-Insight; Twitter Video - Why & How, 2016, UK). 

How brands are leveraging First View to own their moment 

From autos to film and tech markets, First View has been a part of a variety of campaigns this past year. 


Amazon (@AmazonVideoIN) leveraged First View when they launched their Amazon Prime Video service in India with their #PrimeVideoIsHere campaign. The launch on Twitter coupled with a branded Twitter emoji achieved a video view rate of over 40 per cent. 


Microsoft India sought a unique way to showcase co-created content for their #BeneathTheSurface series around the Surface launch in India. The brand leveraged First View to draw interest to watch a preview video of their Beneath the Surface Series by film critic Anupama Chopra. People were invited to Tweet #BeneathTheSurface to unlock the preview video. The brand achieved more than 35 per cent in video view rate, driving awareness for the campaign. 


Reliance Jio highlighted their partnership with the Filmfare Awards this year through a couple of First Views: one on the Red Carpet night, and the second on the Broadcast night. Result: with 22K likes, the associated tweet had the highest levels of engagement in the Twitter Brand Index. View Rate: 51 per cent. The associated tweet topped the weekly Twitter Brand Index for engagement. 


Hyundai India launched the Tucson, its premium SUV using #BornDynamic as its brand promise. They engaged with users in a very innovative manner using the First View and promoted tweets. Users were asked to define what made them dynamic. The best responses were incorporated within the First View’s descriptor, driving a strong response in terms of engagements and views, making it a first of its kind crowd-sourced campaign. The campaign delivered 386,000 views at a 43 per cent view rate along with 68,000 engagements over 24 hours. 


The State Bank of India took an innovative approach to Budget Day discussions. The bank chose a creative use of First View along with our Trend Descriptor feature to provide near real-time updates around the key Budget announcements. The bank achieved over 500,000 video views at a 50.86 per cent video view rate for its First View campaign, a part of a larger collaboration with Twitter. 


Around Children’s Day, Good Knight leveraged First View to drive discussion on the timely topic of mosquitoes and positions them as “Are these the only friends you want your kids to grow up with?” Through First View, their #ChildrensPlayday campaign featuring kids responding to the question of their best friend in a compelling and engaging video helped the brand to achieve a stunning view rate of 46 per cent and over 440,000 views. 


Today’s fast changing times call for adaptation. And to take on this new world, ABP News has transformed, while retaining their core belief of ‘Aapko Rakhe Aage’. ABP News underwent a major rebranding campaign. The brand logo is now a daring combination of red and yellow. Avinash Pandey, COO, ABP News Network, elaborated, “With these new colours comes a new approach. Our viewers will stay ahead through better information, better analysis and higher engagement. It’s a mantra that will give them a tighter grip on the world of news. It’s what will help them take on unseen challenges and give their viewers a deeper understanding of every news story they report. If we were to say all of this in one simple line, it would be, ‘ABP News rakhega har khabar par pakad’.” 

ABP News selected First View to unveil their new branding logo and TVC. The broadcaster leveraged Promoted Trend and an instant unlock card to maximise exposure for the #HarKhabarParPakad campaign, achieving 594,000 views at a video view rate of 63 per cent.


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