Twitter, Facebook lead as primary choices of marketers: Buzzoka Study

Twitter leads as the primary choice of marketers and 88 per cent marketers see it as a huge potential. This is closely followed by Facebook at 84 per cent. Platforms like Instagram and Blogging still remain popular. This was revealed in a unique Influencer Marketing Survey by Buzzoka, touted as the world’s first integrated influencer marketing platform. The survey, which was conducted with over 500 marketers and influencers, showcases the real state of influencer marketing in India and covers the length and breadth of the influencer marketing ecosystem – both in the influencer and brand space. 

As per the survey, over 50 per cent brand custodians considered branding and reach as their primary objective to use influencer marketing. Ninety per cent brand custodians felt that influencer marketing has the potential to drive engagement and reach. Ninety-six per cent marketers are driving desired ROI YouTube campaigns.  

Forecast: Market Potential 

  • 69 per cent marketers considered influencer marketing to be a good medium to generate engagement, drive word of mouth and create quality content
  • 71 per cent marketers opined that the sales channel funnelled via influencer marketing turned out to be of better quality
  • 78 per cent marketers want to spend more on influencer marketing. The reason of an increased growth in 2018 will also be attributed to new platforms pitching in the big game
  • 100 per cent marketers are realising the role of common people in the influencer marketing ecosystem. This is primarily because brands have been struggling to reach the last mile audience – The Consumption Audience. 

Ashutosh Harbola, Co-Founder, Buzzoka, commented, “With tremendously rising digital penetration, user generated content is growing humongously all across the web. Therefore, the social media space has become quite lucrative and competitive for brands to reach out to the end users with even huge impact. This report has come up with substantial facts which are driving the market growth.” 

He further said, “Our team is completely aligned with the fast evolving social media space to provide credible influencers marketing solutions for brands to target decision makers in no time.” 

Buzzoka, which came into existence in August 2017, has been working with leading brands and conglomerates. Interestingly, Buzzoka has been a disruptor in the influencer marketing space with its creative thought process and ROI metrics. Buzzoka has worked with clients like LG, La-Liga, Amazon, mPoint, HTTPool, Reliance, Tata, Jeep Compass, and Adidas, among others.


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