Twitter flags Amit Malviya’s Tweet as manipulated media

Twitter has flagged a Tweet related to the ongoing farmers’ protests over the Agricultural Reform Bills put out by Amit Malviya who heads the information and technology department for BJP Government as ‘manipulated media’.

The Tweet that has since been deleted read, “Rahul Gandhi must be the most discredited opposition leader India has seen in a long long time.”

On November 28, Malviya posted this Tweet in response to a Tweet by former Congress President Rahul Gandhi showing a policeman swinging a baton at an elderly farmer during a lathi charge in a recent protest. Along with the text Malviya posted a video with the heading propaganda vs reality that showed that while the cop swung his baton, the farmer escaped the blow.

The Tweet and video were fact checked by AltNews and BoomLive. AltNews reported that the video was created by a Twitter user called PoliticalKida. The video shared by the user was also marked as ‘manipulated media’. BoomLive got in touch with the farmer in the video who said he suffered injuries to his forearm, back and calf muscle.

Twitter may label or remove content under this policy, if they have reason to believe that media, or the context in which media are presented, are significantly and deceptively altered or manipulated.

Some of the factors the platform consider evaluates the media on are:

  • Whether the content has been substantially edited in a manner that fundamentally alters its composition, sequence, timing, or framing;
  • Any visual or auditory information (such as new video frames, overdubbed audio, or modified subtitles) that has been added or removed; and
  • Whether media depicting a real person have been fabricated or simulated

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