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Twitter is testing a New 'About' Tab on User Profiles

Twitter announced a new feature of profile verifications in which it also outlined the "About" tab test which will provide the detailed information of a particular profile to the user. 

This also includes additional info fields and links, like a more in-depth bio, or connection though to a podcast, newsletter, or even saved Spaces and audio content. The new feature showcases that the company is working more on providing the transparency their users requires and by guiding them better as to who to follow and interact with in the app.

As explained by Andrea Conway, the designer at Twitter in her Twitter post,

"Today, we don’t give people a ton of ways to express themselves, and in turn, we limit the number of signals available to understand the quality of that account, and help people determine who and what to trust on Twitter.”

This 'About' feature would additionally help to clarify information sources and reduce the spread of misinformation. It is an interesting set of additions that could have an impact on users and could be used to improve their representation and connection in future.

The test is yet in process with no schedule for a live launch.



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