Twitter Plans to re-launch its controversial $8 verification program

Twitter is preparing to re-launch Elon’s $8 verification plan as early as tomorrow, including new price points, alternative color checkmarks for business and government accounts, and more.
To start off with, Elon Musk initially announced that Twitter's $8 verification plan would be re-launched, then delayed it, reportedly to figure out how the company might be able to avoid Apple's 30% in-app purchase tax.
Instead of avoiding the Apple tax, Twitter will build it into the price for iOS users, with no word on a launch of the program on Android just yet.
If that’s the option Twitter goes with, it will make a big push on web-based sign-ups. Meta tried something similar last year by launching a Stars store, where users can purchase packages of its creator donation Stars and avoid Apple’s in-app fees.
So the question is, will individuals be as eager to join up on a different app or website, and what effect might it have on take-up? Although it appears to be a fairly easy approach to increase the amount of money going directly to Twitter, it does add a level of friction that could hinder adoption.
On another front, Twitter’s also developing variable color shades for its new alternative color verification badges to cater to color-blind users.
As per the Twitter Blue rollout, commercial and government accounts will receive gold and grey ticks, respectively, to prevent the impersonation problems that arose after the program's initial introduction.
Since, the users will now be aware that the actual official accounts will have a gold marker, it will effectively mean that someone cannot just purchase a verification tick, modify their name and profile image to correspond with a brand handle, and trick users with bogus tweets.
It makes sense in theory, but it will require users to learn about what these new, alternative color badges mean.
The new checkmarks are already being implemented. It appears that the approach Twitter is taking and new programs are soon to be reopened to the public — perhaps this week. However, there still seems to be a potential weakness there.
According to the information, Musk has taken a highly active role in the project, which is his first significant undertaking at the app. Elon believes that making it possible for users to purchase the highly sought-after blue checkmark for their accounts will spark significant interest and result in millions of sign-ups for the programs. This, in turn, will allow Twitter to lessen its reliance on ad revenue and, consequently, its need to police speech in accordance with advertiser concerns, while also assisting in the fight against bots because, once everyone has signed up for a verified account, the only unverified accounts that remain are those that are used by bots.


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