Twitter tests New Control Options for Protection of its users

Twitter has been testing new features that will provide more protection and safety measures for its users which will help users to protect their content on Twitter.

The New Features incude :

Remove individual accounts as followers

This option will help users to remove some of the unwanted profiles from their followers list , without using block and unblock options. This option will help users to avoid certain people in their Twitter app.

Remove yourself from a conversation

 The option was originally called ‘unmention yourself ‘.This option would enable users to untag themselves from any discussion, and keep them from being mentioned again within that thread.

Archive old tweets

This option will help users archive their Old Tweets after a particular period of time which would not be able for other profiles after archiving the old tweets. The users can hide their tweets whenever they want, it can be after a full year as well with the help of this option.

Twitter has also added a new ‘Safety Mode’ option this week, which aims to offer a level of protection from tweet pile-ons and ‘Cancel Culture’, which can also cause people to be more hesitant about sharing their thoughts in the app.

These options will help younger people who have grown up online and have gone through their upbrining with social media as an outlet. Younger generation who have posted tweets that they wish to remove now can be done through these new options provided by Twitter.

This options would surely help everyone in a better sense of freedom and also provide benefits in other terms.


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