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#TwitterChat: Will science based claims in advertising become ubiquitous?

Post the Coronavirus pandemic, a major shift that has come in consumer behaviour is the fact that they are relooking at the ‘Nutritional Information’ and ‘Ingredients’ labels of brands. Consumers are scrutinising the efficacy of products based on a single priority – their health and wellness.

Advertising claims are much more likely to mention how their products are scientifically tested and make bold claims of 99.9% effectiveness, but there are fifty shades of grey in that remaining 0.1%.

Customer loyalty has taken a huge hit post the pandemic and consumers were willing to buy whatever necessities were available, giving a surge to local brands and their products. Now, as things are settling down, these challenger brands are vying for market share against their larger competitors by making bold claims and directly comparing their products with competitors.

What’s got the goat of these larger brands is that competition is not challenging them based on superficial features like fragrance, cost or other perceived benefits, but on scientific claims which are tougher to refute.

This Friday, January 22, 2021, Adgully’s premier property – #TwitterChat – will turn the spotlight on ‘Science based claims in advertising – how do they work?’ to understand the legal precedents, types of claims and strategies that brands use to get ahead of the competition. Join the discussion between 3 pm and 4 pm by following @adgully on Twitter.

The experts joining the discussion will be:

Aazmeen Kasad, Legal Advocate (@Aazmeen)

Gaurav Nabh, Founder & CEO, Korra India (@gauravnabh)

Konark Gaur, Head of Marketing - India, Sebamed (@konarkgaur)

Madhur Acharya, Head Of Marketing, Wow Skin Science (@madhuracharya07)

Nilanjan Majumdar, Executive Vice President, Insights, Division at Kantar (@nilan_jan)

Prachi Mohapatra, CMO - fbb, Future Group India (@Prachi1907m)


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