Understanding the new ground rules for PR in the age of social media

Public Relations has come a long way in the country. From merely distributing press releases to media houses, PR today has become an integral part of companies’ business strategy. April 21 is a red-letter day in the history of Indian public relations. The day this year marks the 44th National Public Relations Day in India, a day that has been celebrated since 1986.

As part of the National PR Day, Adgully is commemorating this day with a very special webinar of PR professionals by PR professionals and for PR professionals. The Webinar, which will take place on Wednesday, April 21, 2021, comprises of two panel discussions on: ‘PR in the new normal - Enhanced social responsibility’ and ‘PR in the era of social media - Setting new ground rules’.

 Taking a look back at the last few years, there has been a dynamic shift since 2010 in the way role of PR is changing in our country. The transformation in digital has happened in a huge manner, as brands are strongly focusing on digital and social media to manage the online reputation of their brands. With the pandemic situation which has disrupted the world, the need and power of digital and social media has grown by leaps and bound during the pandemic. Now with the second wave of COVID-19 hitting the nation, the use of social media in PR will pave wave to in a large way to communicate your message and stay engaged with your audience.

Social media and digital will be playing a huge role in the planning and strategy phase for brands and organisations. Leveraging data, smart data analysis and an in depth understanding of the audience’s journey will not only help you plan with higher effectiveness, but will also set up success parameters from the word go. This can further help clients and agencies to get the messaging and their audience right while planning and targeting a campaign.

The digital momentum will only grow in the coming times. We need to adapt and accept the new way or habit to talk to your stakeholders. Today, data analytics plays a major role and one his able to cull out great insights from all external and internal conversations to review your messaging and fine tune your overall PR strategy. Time has come for the PR world to invest more on data, research and have a deeper understanding of social media, as turnaround in your messaging has to be much faster as the dynamics of social media is very fluid and keep changing. The dynamics of social media changes very quickly. Managing crises can be very challenging, especially real time crisis management. The right skillset and talent are very critical for handling crisis and there are many such challenges the PR team and the client have to deal to manage the online reputation of brands.

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