Unlocking Paytm's innovative marketing campaign

Paytm, India’s leading digital payments and financial services company, continues to be the most preferred fintech platform in the country due to its strong arsenal of innovative solutions and unique marketing campaigns that have managed to strike a chord with millions of citizens.

 The brand is already an inseparable part of Indian households given its role in pioneering India’s digital payments revolution, but alongside its innovative solutions, Paytm is winning hearts throughout the country with carefully crafted marketing campaigns that highlight the company's constant commitment to serving their users better and making a meaningful difference in their lives.

 Paytm’s unique campaigns are winning hearts

 One such campaign where the company has ‘Dil Se Paytm Karo’ which is aimed at highlighting how Paytm users can instantly make online payments anywhere or send money to anyone in a safe and secure manner. The objective of the campaign is to show how Paytm plays a meaningful role in the lives of Indians on a daily basis.

 In addition, Paytm frequently launches campaigns aimed at promoting social causes that directly have an impact on citizens. The recent Women’s Day campaign at promoting financial equality through a social experiment with children was one such instance. Through this campaign, Paytm aimed to raise awareness about the importance of financial literacy and equality among women and children.

Regional connect, festivals and cricket

 Paytm realizes the importance of connecting with its regional users since India is a culturally rich country with many religions and languages. Most of Paytm’s regional campaigns have successfully managed to strike a chord with the audience as it focuses extensively on connecting with users on a personal level, which has had a major impact on user engagement.

The company understands that festivals and auspicious occasions are close to its users in all parts of the country and makes it a point to connect with them through unique campaigns. It recently reached out to its users in Tamil Nadu, West Bengal and other states on the occasion of the new year through short video campaigns on social media to show how easily people can send money on such occasions with UPI.

If there are two things that are as important as festivals in India, they are movies and cricket. Paytm is well aware of this country-wide sentiment and launches several campaigns throughout the year to engage with users. Recently, Paytm had announced a gift voucher on RRR movie tickets by using UPI as part of a regional campaign in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. As far as cricket is concerned, Paytm is associated as a sponsor for most major cricketing tournaments held in the country, including the Indian Premier League.

 Nationwide campaigns for important causes

 The company is equally focused on national campaigns to connect with the entire population on important subjects like finances, healthcare and more. National campaigns are also aimed at spreading awareness about Paytm’s new integrations or offerings that empower or give citizens access to important services.

 Some nationwide campaigns launched recently by Paytm are related to creation of unique health ID (ABHA), Covid vaccine and booster shot registrations, and eRaktkosh for information on blood banks. The company also runs periodic campaigns to help small business owners throughout the country. One such campaign the company is working on is aimed at providing a free Soundbox device to blind small business owners or operators, allowing them to seamlessly keep track of payment alerts.

 Paytm’s carefully customized regional campaigns and socially significant nationwide campaigns have had a meaningful impact on the lives of millions of people, reflecting the company’s understanding of its customers’ priorities.

 This has also been translated into numbers for the company, which has recently reported  rapid rise in user engagement and strong business growth. As per the Q4 FY22 business update, Paytm’s lending business scaled to 6.5 million loan disbursals during the quarter (Y-o-Y growth of 374%), while the total loan value aggregated to Rs 3,553 crore (Y-o-Y growth of 417%). The company’s GMV saw 104% Y-o-Y growth at INR Rs 2.59 lakh crore ($34.5 billion) and 41% growth in MTU to 70.9 million users. The company maintains its lead in the offline payments business as the number of devices deployed grew to 2.9 million.



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