#UthengeHum a film by noted Indian film director Bharat Bala

 Since March 24th, India has been locked down. A silent nation lay eerie and empty before an invisible threat. On March 25th Bharatbala and a devoted team of 117 set out to document this unprecedented time in the history of Independent India. The result is Uthenge Hum. A commemoration of the India Lockdown, a record of the collective human experience of the world’s most populous democracy. The story of 1.3 billion Indians. 

On 31st May 2020 India emerges from a strange time - yet the country must move forward. On 31st May 2020 India must rise up again.

Uthenge Hum India’s first pan India filming of the lockdown, premieres 31st May 2020 nationwide. 

Vidhana Soudha, Bangalore
House of the State Legislature of Karnataka, and one of Bangalore’s landmark monuments. This is near the heart of the city, and sees heavy traffic on an average day. 

The road today lies empty, and only a few on duty officials frequent the building.

MA Chidambaram cricket stadium, Chennai

India’s second oldest cricket stadium, home ground to the most popular IPL team, sees fangs throng here in millions every summer. 

This season, the stadium stands silent and abandoned.

MG Road, Bangalore

Bangalore’s traffic jams are infamous, and MG road is one such road, located in the heart of the city, that can never be found devoid of car honks and bustling traffic. 

In the midst of this 2 month long lockdown, the road lies stiller than ever seen before.

Connaught Place, New Delhi

The iconic Delhi locale, is usually filled with shoppers and locals every evening, with chaat-walas, and small carts decorating the streets. 

The centre of India’s capital is silent as citizens are asked to stay in their homes during peak season.

Panjim Church, Goa

Goa’s most famous church, located in its capital Panjim, is never empty. The daily mass sees hundreds of people. Today, the church lies empty and the bells stand silent for the first time in years.

MGF Metropolis Mall, Gurugram

Gurgaon’s popular hub, with dozens of shopping complexes and eateries. Over a thousand daily visitors. 

The mall has been shut for almost 3 months now.

Old Delhi Railway Station

The busiest railway station in India, with over 250 trains frequenting it every single day. In a nation-wide lockdown, the station has stood silently for over 2 months with its shed full, and platforms empty.

Dal Lake, Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir 

The lake of flowers is Kashmir’s beauty. The waters in the summer are filled with boats of tourists, admiring the beauty, while craftspeople and hawkers decorate the shores. 

With the lockdown, Dal lake is cleaner and clearer than ever before. Nature has been recovering, but the shores lie empty, with no visitors to admire its beauty.

Varkala Harbour, Kerala

An economy that lives off of fishing, and the beautiful green waters. The seas of Varkala are now empty and all the boats have been docked for over 2 months.

Gateway of India, Mumbai

Bombay’s most famous monument, where neither photographer nor tourist has a moment to stand still and enjoy the view in peace. 

Today, the Gateway of India and the docks near it stand silent. Birds flock in a place that has never before seen a minute of absolute rest.

Varanasi Ghat

The Benarasi Ghat Aartis are visited by people from across the 

World, every year. Millions throng to see the demonstration 

every evening. 

With the lockdown in place, the aarti demonstrations have now

been limited to one perfunctory lamp lighting, with no devotees


Har Ki Pauri, Haridwar

India’s spiritual cradle where tourists throng in millions during

the peak summer months. The Ganges today is bluer than it 

has been in months, as Mother Nature rebuilds herself.

Jouta Bazaar, Lucknow

Lucknowi juttis are loved by tourists, and the streets are filled

with thousands of shoppers every day. 

With shutters to the stores, and bolts to the doors, Lucknow’s

Street market has had no visitors in over 60 days, for the first 

time in years.

Lachit Borkhupan Statue, Guwahati, Assam

Guwahati is much loved in the summer months, and

people from across the country throng here in thousands 

during peak season -- summer. This statue is one of the 

hallmarks of the city.

This summer, the Brahmaputra banks are quiet, with no 

visitors, or bustling traffic that is otherwise familiar to it.


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