Varun Aggarwal of Designhill on the future of logo design

Authored by Varun Aggarwal, Co-Founder & Executive Director, Designhill

Design Hill is India’s first and largest one-stop design solutions platform. Founded by entrepreneur brother duo - Rahul and Varun Aggarwal who vision to disrupt the Indian design industry through the introduction of advanced technology.

The emergence of Artificial Intelligence, increase in disposable incomes and extensive exposure to digital media over the last five years have significantly impacted the overall dynamics of the Indian market. The world of graphic designing is fascinating, serving as a tool to differentiate brands from their competition, and further helping them build a strong brand image/identity. It also plays a crucial role in influencing masses for the services, products, social messages or campaigns introduced by brands.

Logo making is one of the most crucial aspects of graphic designing. A logo is a company’s first introduction to its consumers further enabling the brand to communicate their vision and values. As a powerful branding instrument, a logo is a robust visual communication tool that provides an impactful opportunity for brands to break through the clutter and speak directly to its audiences. A brand’s logo is markedly affected by font type, colour, shape, and size; and graphic designing plays an integral role in defining the essence of brand vision and ethics. Every single detail further contributes to influencing consumers’ impression of the company and subsequently impacting purchase decisions.

As any other industry, the digital revolution has crucially impacted the graphic designing industry dealing in the logo, website, signage, newsletters, animations, presentations, architectural production, etc. It has given brands an opportunity to efficiently analyse the ongoing trends in content and graphics that are generating adequate media impressions further converting the masses as their audience.

Disruption in advanced technology over a decade through the introduction of AI and machine learning are bringing an exciting change in the professional landscape. It is one of the most significant business trends currently and its impact on every aspect of the business will be immense in the future as well. Artificial Intelligence, machine learning and use of algorithms are shaping up the prospect of design markets across the globe. The evolution of AI is enabling brands to deliver content better with contextual intent and most importantly, driving efficiencies in the way they operate. Ten years back no one could even think of designing a website themselves; companies approached web developers. However, today the use of AI has eased down the working of human resources by offering a perfect blend of creativity and technology in the design ecosystem.

The graphic designing market is now witnessing a massive boost with the introduction of Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning leading to cost and time efficiency. The automated process of logo designing and brand identities are excellently helping start-ups and SMEs. As per EY’s recent Millennial Economy Report, 72 percent of new businesses do not have the funding for graphic design services. Hence the introduction of artificial intelligence is efficiently helping small companies and start-ups with minimal investment. With the advancement of technology in graphic designing space, customers are allowed an access to user-friendly interface and premium design ingredients which help them generate more than a thousand logo designs in one go. It has further enabled brands to have more exposure online, allowing brands to interact with their clients and consumers, giving them the ability to review and analyze real-time data to measure and analyze the sources that are driving more traffic. Additionally, AI also grants access to the end users to check the visual appeal of graphics when designed over signage, newsletters, e-mailers, T-shirts, mugs, standees, etc.

The present and future of the design industry is and will be aligned with Artificial intelligence. Artificial Intelligence as a tool has entered the realm of human creativity of late but will continue to prevail in the future. The logo designing market in India is already tending to flourish with the access of advanced technology giving services to customers in an effective and impactful way. Further, crowdsourcing platforms are providing graphic designing solutions aligned with AI to SMEs and startups at an affordable price. Backed with massive growth in digital media and automation, the logo designing industry in India is truly witnessing a great boom and will observe the same momentum in the coming future.



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