Velocity MR study compares Diwali and New Year's Trends in India

Jasal Shah, Managing Director & CEO of Velocity MR
Jasal Shah, Managing Director & CEO of Velocity MR

Velocity MR announced the results of their latest study to compare the varying shopping and celebratory trends during the festive seasons of Diwali and New Year in India. The study covered the top 19 cities and towns from tier I, II, III regions of India with a sample size of 3058 adults. The respondents were in the age group of 25 to 55, with a 60:40 split between women and men respectively.

The study was conducted by Velocity MR to understand celebration patterns, consumer behaviour and other influencing factors impacting a diverse Indian population. The festive seasons in question are also very different, with one being deep-rooted in tradition while the other one is more of a global phenomenon. The study highlights the fact that while both Diwali and New Year is celebrated with the grand fervour with friends and family; New Year celebrations include a lot more travel plans and spending time outdoors with loved ones, as compared to Diwali.

Highlights of the Study


New Year

How do people spend time?

·         Diwali means home for India, as 82% people intend to celebrate Diwali at their homes

·         Only 15% people prefer to spend time at home

·         New Year is associated more with celebrating out of home or travelling with friends and family

·         7% prefer to visit religious places

Travel plans

·         Only 5% people plan to travel during Diwali

·         13% people travel during Diwali, but only to their native place to spend time with family and to enjoy the Diwali Celebration

·         Only 1% people travel abroad during Diwali

·         75% people travel during New Year

·         12% people travel within India for leisure

·         8% people travel abroad (a significantly higher number of people when compared to Diwali)

·         63% people prefer to go to a beach destination or a hill station

Shopping habits/preferences

·         73% spend on purchasing gifts

·         71% spend on decoration items

·         68% spend on crackers

·         90% of the people exchange sweet boxes during Diwali followed by chocolates (76%), dry fruits (69%), new clothes (55%)

·         Unlike Diwali, the purchase of electronic items during New Year is much higher with 52% people pampering themselves with their favourite electronic goods

·         47% spend on fashion accessories

Alcohol consumption

·         Due to its traditional and spiritual relevance, alcohol consumption during Diwali is much less

·         Only 13% people consume alcohol during Diwali

·         Alcohol consumption is much higher during New Year’s

·         53% people like to consume alcohol when welcoming the new year

·         Top 3 alcoholic beverages consumed during this time include whiskey, beer and vodka


Adds Jasal Shah, Managing Director & CEO of Velocity MR, “Diwali is probably the most celebrated festival in India and is symbolic of Indian culture the world over. This festival brings people closer to their traditional roots and back together with their closest family. People wish for well-being and happiness of their loved ones during this festival and also splurge on traditional gifting items for their near and dear ones. New Year, on the other hand, is more about reliving and cherishing the memories from the year gone by. People like to travel and attend outdoor events, and the party’s during this time. The excitement of the upcoming year also brings with it introspection coupled with resolutions. People tend to splurge on themselves during this time, as opposed to the gifting trend observed during Diwali. Most people try to stay positive and try to bring in a change in the upcoming new year as a pattern”.

Read the full report here.


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