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Venturenet Partners launches in-store broadcasting network 'Spot Radio'

Venturenet Partners Pvt. Ltd. announces the launch of Spot Radio, a digital in ” store radio network, that offers audio branding services to a variety of clients across multiple industries including retail, hospitality, food & beverage and fitness.

Spot Radio, works with businesses to create the perfect playlist for their brands, utilizing a massive database of music that spans several dialects and genres, ranging from instrumental and electronic ambient music, to tracks from Indian cinema and the latest chartbusters from the US and UK. What the brands needs we make happen.

"It is a known fact that customers, who have a good experience in a business establishment, will keep coming back! With Spot Radio, we aim to build music associations that not only subtly connect a customer to a brand, but also contribute to overall in-store customer experience, by giving customers the music they love while browsing, eating,shopping,exercising , etc. Music is a great equalizer, that appeals to all ages, demographics and cultures and can directly induce customers to stay longer, be brand and product informed and purchase goods" says Anil Srivatsa, Director of Venturenet Partners Pvt. Ltd. ,,which is the holding company of Spot Radio.

Spot Radio gives business owners complete control, customization and flexibility. It helps them target their captive in store audience by inserting promotional messages that are used to inform customers in real time about on-going sales, events and promotions. This directly affects the bottom line, due to increased add-on sales.

The music can also be altered via day parts, so as to accommodate varying demographics of people, that a store normally encounters; thus setting the mood and tone for different parts of the day.

Businesses, can also integrate live shows with call-ins, contests, trivia tidbits and a live RJ, if needed. This can be extended to the website as well, to offer a seamless consistent brand experience to potential customers with exclusive promotions and coupons on the custom channel.

"Spot Radio's most powerful attribute, its ability to deliver the same experience in all stores, nationwide, with the capability of local ad insertions. This means that a store in Tamil Nadu, could play the same music and different in house promotions and ads, from those played at a store in Punjab. Thus, while the music remains consistent, the messages can be altered,," says Harvinderjit Bhatia, co-promoter of Spot Radio; who as ex CFO of Radio Mirchi, the Murjani Group and Digicable, has vast experience in retail, media, content & distribution. In fact, Spot Radio also offers audio production to its clients as a part of the package, so that clients are not inconvenienced in any way, and the branding remains consistent.

Spot Radio has several other ancillary benefits like it can also be leveraged to generate revenue, by offering advertising to third party advertisers; it can be used for intra company communication ( training, HR issues, corporate messages), and can also boost employee morale, by giving employees an avenue to showcase their talent, skills, knowledge etc . In the corporate radio module we have on offer.

Spot Radio offers clients, three models namely Standard Model (pre-set playlist), Branded Model (custom playlist and audio branding, with promotional ads), Hybrid Model ( all attributes of the Branded Model, plus the revenue generating opportunity to insert ads of non ” competing, third party advertisers, that wish to target the client's foot traffic).

Spot Radio's service is powered by a state of the art technology platform with world class engineering and operational teams and technology. Our engineering is based in our own facilities in the USA. Spot Radio is powered by "Spotplayer" a proprietary player designed specially for our clients that is 'service intelligent' and intuitive to the specific needs of the retail operations needs. Our programming systems are designed and run no differently from the best in class FM radio stations around the world giving our clients nothing less than the best.

In a short span of six months, Venturenet has set-up a head office and studio in Bangalore, a major metro sales team and a network in New York. Spot Radio, is also rapidly picking up pace, and has already won quite a few accounts with big nationwide retailers. " As long as we can maintain quality and consistency of our service for the most competitive pricing we will keep winning new businesses and continue to retain our current clientele. Here, personalized customer service plays a pivotal role, and thats where the core strength of our team lies" says Anil Srivatsa.

The core promoters of Spot Radio comprise, Anil Srivatsa and Harvinderjit Bhatia. Anil, has been a veteran of the media field since the past twenty years and was one of the first to launch his outspoken radio show called Anil Ki Awaaz, in New Jersey, USA; which ran successfully for about 10 years. He was EVP of New business and Affiliate Sales, at ImaginAsian Entertainment, Inc.; an NYC based multi-media company, for whom he engineered several valuable distribution contracts and business extensions. On his move back to India, Anil went on to become CEO of Kings XI Punjab and COO at Meow 104.8 FM. He then launched Venturenet Partners Private Limited, along with Harvinderjit Bhatia, to further pursue the rapidly growing field of digital radio broadcasting and distribution.

Harvinderjit Bhatia (Harry), a certified chartered accountant by profession,was ex-CFO of Radio Mirchi, and has vast experience in the Retail, Media content & distribution.


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