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Video & Voice are areas that are really going to explode in 2018: Shamsuddin Jasani

Digital today is no longer a ‘new media’, but the media for brands to build a stronger connect with the new generation. Spends on Digital have been increasing year-on-year. As per the Dentsu Aegis Network (DAN) Digital Report released earlier this week, the Digital Advertising industry currently stands at Rs 8,202 crore and is expected to grow with a CAGR of 32 per cent to reach Rs 18,986 crore by 2020. Digital Media spends currently contribute to 15 per cent of the total advertising industry and are expected to reach 24 per cent of the entire market by 2020. 

In a brief conversation with Adgully, Shamsuddin Jasani, MD, Isobar India, speaks about increase in digital ad spends, sectors that will invest more in digital in 2018, Facebook’s decision to reduce ad content and more. Edited Excerpts: 

Which are the sectors that you think will invest more in Digital in 2018?
FMCG is something that has been growing. BFSI, E-commerce and people who already have digital as their core product have been spending more on Digital. FMCG spends are surely going to be a lot more than in the past years and also because now digital has reached that stage. Among the other major sectors from where we will see big investments is telecom. Others like BFSI are also already spending a lot of money. 

Any other digital platform that you see trending this year?
Video is already doing great and I think Voice will be the next thing, which is Voice married with Artificial Intelligence. What I am talking here is about digital assistance like Siri or Google. These are really going to take off in 2018. 

One is going to spend less time typing and more time speaking to their phone. So, if you are searching for a product, you can just click a button and search for it via Voice rather than actually typing those things. This is going to be a big shift and it is already happening across the world, and will happen in a big way in India as well. 

Social Media platforms such as Facebook are creating a road block for ads. What are the challenges that you see for the marketers and is there a way around it?
I don’t think Facebook is creating a road block. What Facebook is really doing is that they have reduced the amount of content that is there. It is not reducing advertising but irrelevant content. What is happening is that when you go to your Facebook page today, you hardly see stories from your friends but more of news content and other streams, it is these kind of content that Facebook is reducing. However, as an advertiser I would still be able to reach out to these consumers at the right time and in the right space, because at the end of day if consumers are going to go away from the medium you will have nothing to sell. 

What Facebook is doing here is that it is re-emphasising on the whole idea of providing a platform where people can connect with each other. However, that does not mean that they are going to reduce the advertising, it’s just the clutter within the pages. It’s a good thing because people are again going to get engaged on Facebook rather than getting turned off. And more engaged users mean a better audience, which, to advertiser, is a better proposition. 

Dentsu Aegis Network (DAN) has just released its Digital Report for India. How can brands leverage this report?
I think it will make it easier for brands to see from where the growth is coming. Brands will be able to see how Digital is really impacting inner spends and how and what are consumers consuming, who is spending where and what are the kind of industries that are spending more. A lot of advertisers today will be able to use a benchmark. The benchmarks have been missing and there aren’t too many places which give you a benchmark like that and I think this report will be able to create a lot of such benchmarks. 

What are the incremental benefits that you see?
Video and Voice are areas that are really going to explode. There will be a clear direction that the DAN report will be able to show and what is the potential of digital for clients.




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