Viewer's Interest for GoT final episode up 450% in March: SEMrush

Epic fantasy series The Game of Thrones (GOT) will stream live on April 15th, 6:30 am IST and with this, the excitement level among Indian viewers has already soared high. So much so that, study by SEMrush, the online visibility management, and content marketing SaaS platform shows the interest to know about the final episodes of GOT has been grown 450% in March'19 in comparison to January and February’19 among viewers. Netizens have searched about the drama on Internet 330 times in March’19. 

 However, GOT’s first episode remains the most popular episode among all the released episodes till now. The study said people searched about the first episode of the series 8980 times in India from a period starting Jan'18 to March'19. Comparing to the first episode of GOT, interest to the upcoming episode is less by 44% as per SEMrush study. 

Interestingly, the average monthly number of "pirate streaming" searches is 12.53 times bigger than "non-pirate streaming" with average monthly search volumes at 18,285 (pirate streaming or streaming for free) and 1,459 accordingly, said the study. So in India, people searched about a pirate variant 12.53 times more often than with an official license for streaming.

Speaking about the study, Mr. Fernando Angulo, Head of International Partnership, SEMrush said, “The excitement to watch the final episode of GOT is phenomenal in India. The excitement level has been registered 450% higher than it was in January and February 2019. Going with the study findings, we predict it is going to be the most searched episode among the viewers in India.”

Study highlights:                

  1. The most popular GOT is the first episode of the first series. People searched it 8980 times in India from the Jan'18 to March'19. 
  2. Interest to the upcoming episode is less by 44% in comparison to the first episode. 
  3. The upcoming episode (8 seasons, 6 episodes) has been searched 330 times in March'19. The interest to the episode has grown by 450% comparatively to January and February. 
  4. As per SEMrush forecast, we expect over 90k searches about the upcoming episode in April.  So it would be the most searched episode of GOT.
  5. The maximum questions about new season have been searched in August 2017 (the next month after releasing 7th season, 7th episode), with a total search volume 60630. 

You can find more studies and insights at SEMrush.


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