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Vitamin Stree's sexuality based survey reveals truths about millennials

In October 2018, Vitamin Stree set out to understand how urban millennials in India view sex and sexuality, by conducting an anonymous, online sex survey. 2500 respondents answered questions on topics such as, Introduction to Sex, Porn and Masturbation, Good Sex and Bad Sex, Sexual Health, Consent and Female Sexual Pleasure.

Young Indians took the opportunity to break their silence on sex and revealed their beliefs, attitudes and questions when it comes to sex. We had some interesting answers about your average millennial’s sexual habits. But we also came across a few disheartening responses which shed light on how important it is to address female sexual pleasure and consent.

So, as a video-first platform, the next logical step was to analyse all our data and plan videos around them - it was an opportunity to start a conversation that’s been avoided way too often in our country. Which is how we arrived at Censex,  a five-part video series in collaboration with five social media influencers - Dhruv Sehgal, Mahima Kukreja, Saloni Chopra, Aniruddha Mahale and Priya Malik. These videos break down the information gathered from the survey to help make sense of what sex truly means, in the eyes of young, urban Indians. We also released a white paper, which talks about the findings of the survey in detail.


Padmini Vaidyanathan, Editor & Creative Head, Vitamin Stree: “This is such an important story to tell. It is not just telling young people to go have sex;but to tell them that if they are not armed with the right set of information, they may not make the choices that work best for them. Freedom to choose only works, when one has all sides of every story. We hope with this series, we can at least initiate the conversation that leads to informed, sexual empowerment for this generation and generations to come.”

Read the complete whitepaper here.



Cast: Aniruddha Mahale, Mahima Kukreja, Dhruv Sehgal, Saloni Chopra, Priya Malik

Executive Producer: Padmini Vaidyanathan

Creative Director: Anisha Sharma

Scriptwriter: Nandini Godara

Director: Jessica Sadana

DOP: Kushal Banerjee

1AC: Prateek Lokhande

Lead Producers: Pankhuri Ranjan & Anuj Hakked

Asst. Producers: Akshat Gupta

Offline Edit & Grade: Akanksha Shakya, Akhtar Shaikh

Makeup Artist: Areej Shaikh

Graphics: Sugandha Bansal

Sound Mix: Akrti

Camera Attendants: Biplab Mahato, Samadhan Galve, Rohit Kanani

Spot Boy: Hussain Shaikh

Special Thanks: Tara Kapur, Vidhi Vaya & Pushti Patel


Survey Credits:

Development, Censex: Tara Kapur, Advait Gupt, Akshat Gupt

Survey Team: Nitika Kanodia, Pankhuri Ranjan, Akshat Gupta, Aanandita Banerjee

Data Analysis: Shreshth Varshney, Anuj Hakked, Mohit Bhasin

Development & Author, White Paper: Padmini Vaidyanathan

White Paper Design: Ayesha Punjabi


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