Vitamin Stree Scratches the Surface on 'How to be a Man'

Every month Vitamin Stree, a platform created by Supari Studios, touches upon different themes that affect our daily lives. The focus this month is ‘Gender Conditioning’.


Vitamin Stree releases its latest video titled 'How to be a man?’. The video talks about how patriarchy is also harmful for men. Men grow up listening to things like, “be a man", "boys don’t cry", "don’t be a girl” at home, at school and even on TV. From a very young age, boys are conditioned to believe that being masculine is more important than being kind. Patriarchy reinforces the idea of toxic masculinity and how it puts a lot of pressure on men. 


In the latest Scratching the Surface episode, Vitamin Stree dives into the topic of Gender Conditioning by making use of objects that would remind people of their childhood and school because that's where conditioning first starts.



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