Vodafone has launched a Children’s Day campaign

A parent-child relationship is the most beautiful of all. Every behaviour of a parent impacts the child directly. With changing times and technology, parenting has evolved and changed. In this digital age, parents are unknowingly making their children compete with smartphones for their attention.

Identifying the need for parents to disconnect with technology and phones at times to connect with their children and give them their undivided attention, Vodafone has launched a Children’s Day campaign. Carrying forward their philosophy of #LookUp, the campaign showcases every child’s need for attention from their parents through a beautiful thought. As kids learn from the action of their parents, the storyline builds on a new version of A-B-C alphabets and what they mean to the kids today. It encourages parents to shush their phones and not their kids, to look up from their screens and connect with their children. The campaign showcases modern-age parents and their relationship with work, internet, social media and their kids. 

Commenting on the campaign, Kavita Nair, Chief Digital Transformation and Brand Officer, Vodafone Idea Limited, said, “In today’s digital age, people are increasingly more interested in ‘what else’ is out there rather than what is right in front of us, even if it is our own child. As a brand that believes in genuine conversations, we want to remind our customers the importance of giving their children the right amount of undivided attention. Through this Children’s Day campaign, we are encouraging parents to spend time with their kids instead of getting too busy on their phones and unknowingly ignoring them. We hope that people will take a lead, Look Up and connect on this Children’s Day in the real sense.”

Kiran Antony, Chief Creative Officer, Ogilvy South, and Team Vodafone, Ogilvy said, #LookUp has always been close to our hearts. So be it Friendship Day, Father’s Day or Diwali, we have used #LookUp to bring about a change in habit. Nowadays, parents are always engrossed in their phones. Casually, but repeatedly, they use phrases to keep their children away. On Children's Day, by using the English alphabet, we have demonstrated how children pick up these phrases and make them a part of their lives. We hope this will make the parents think and spend more time with their children.”


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