Voice based AI skills to see ad monetization in 2019: Arun Gupta

Author is the Founder & CEO of MoMAGIC Technologies,an innovative, AI and Big data driven mobile tech organization

2018, witnessed a glut of hardware products featuring voice-enabled assistants working on artificial intelligence (AI). This was spearheaded by the world’s largest tech companies- Google and Amazon, with their AI products Home and Alexa, respectively. There are also tons of third party companies, integrating these AI assistants and offering alternatives, across price points. Voice assistants on mobile phones by Apple, Samsung and Microsoft are already in existence for some time.

As more and more Indians, start integrating these AI enabled products with their homes, we will see advertising and marketing companies going to the drawing board to chalk out plans to monetize this new medium.

We are already witnessing, companies working extensively with Amazon and Google to integrate their advertising content at the backend for localization -  and personalization if we were to talk about Indian context.

What we will now witness more is flux of companies that have products such as lighting, TV, music systems, cameras and air conditioners etc. who would actively work and be integrated with these AI voice assistants. This has started to happen in real estate as many developers are now launching smart homes integrated with Alexa or Google Assistants.

This adoption is going at a rapid pace across sectors and the question now is, not of - if it will be done, but when it will be done?And the answer to that question is in the next 2-3 years.

The ecosystem in these AI assistants consists of voice apps/skills and as these app developers want to ensure mass reach for free to use mechanics, we will see audio ads playing in between the usage of these apps or skills.

Monetization is at a very nascent stage in India and at the moment hardly makes an impact at advertising budget of any major company but this is set to change this year onwards and by 2020, it will bea proper pie in the overall digital marketing spends.

Google has already launched tools for Google Assistant that will help developers monetize their voice-based experiences. Customers can also order goods via Alexa from Amazon, and that is completely voice based. These non-screen alternatives- to buy products, order food or book a travel, check weather or play your favourite song will start creating its own pie in the overall marketing spend.

These are exciting times for the advertising industry and early adopters of this new platform will write the new marketing trends of the future.


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