Volkswagen Beetle recreateted using over 2,805 pieces of scrap material

Over 2805 pieces of scrap material has been used to recreate this astounding life size Beetle art piece. 800 spark plugs, 800 cold drink crowns, 200 bottle caps, 60 mother boards, Computer Key Boards, Hard Disks, CDs, audio cassettes, speakers, Barbecue Sticks, Beer cans, Telecom wires, Flat Screen Monitor, Pens, Type writers and many such scrap materials . This beautifully executed art piece of the most iconic car globally, is going to be displayed at the Kala Ghoda festival from 4th- 12th February 2012

The scrap pieces used to build the car were collected from various Think Blue clean-up drives undertaken by Volkswagen at different locations. The Beetle art-piece is a unique way of communicating the brand's philosophy of environmental sustainability 'Think Blue'. And what better way to recreate the magnificent Beetle than create a structure which gives life to these lifeless scrap pieces (artistic recycling).

Post the Kala Ghoda festival, this beauty will be sent to Germany to be displayed at the art museum there.

Please find attached pictures of the Beetle art piece along with the profile of Mr Lutz Kothe Head of Marketing and Public Relations, Volkswagen Passenger Cars,Volkswagen Group Sales India Private Limited.

Lutz, and Haribaabu Natesaan (the artist) would be available for media interactions. Do let me know if you would be interested in meeting or speaking with them


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