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Voxbox rebrands as VoxTalk and dons a global avatar

VoxTalk (previously known as Voxbox), India's first social community for kids below 13, founded by Aditya Jaishankar and Sunder Raman, has launched a unique Q&A (Questions and answers) feature for kids.

VoxTalk will be available internationally and the ultimate vision is to connect kids across the world through conversations.

Here is the story behind the journey of the Q&A feature:

An experiment performed by the VoxTalk team led to the creation of this innovative feature within the app.

They gave a simple exercise to kids and told them to share the kind of questions they would like to ask other kids.

These could be anything and everything including trending topics, or things around them that they are curious about or interested in.

They were fascinated by the kind of questions they got ranging from whether God exists, to trending topics around the world, to various entertainment options that exist

These questions included understanding the passions of other kids to even mundane things like how other kids across the country spend their day.

“We realized there was a great product opportunity to keep fuelling their curiosity every day and watch a wealth of spontaneous conversations unfold themselves in a simple question-answer thread format," says Jaishankar.

This led to the creation of a feature within its app called Q&A, which is like an ultimate curiosity quencher for kids. This is an ideal fit for the 8- to 12-year-old who like to indulge in conversations on his own with minimal parental supervision.
The entire process has been designed to not just kindle a kid's curiosity but to democratize participation in a manner that every kid can be a part of the conversations on our platform says Jaishankar.

The building blocks of VoxTalk
Kids ask and answer questions
Kids all across the world get to respond to these in real-time.
View and listen to other kids’ questions & answers
Kids can reply using multiple formats- audio, video or text!

A set of five shortlisted questions will be made available for kids to answer daily. The questions will be reviewed by its expert panel of psychologists, educators and parents.


Every answer is moderated by a skilled group of moderators. Kids can also report any objectionable answer and it will be taken down immediately for further review, since safety is a major concern when it comes to apps made for kids.
VoxTalk, being a parent-led team, is extra careful and mindful about child safety and privacy. They have strong and stringent protocols and are COPPA- and GDPR-compliant and every post is moderated in real-time by a panel of moderators

The best part is that questions can even be answered using a clickable browser link without even downloading the app. The browser link process will enable any kid anywhere in the world to answer questions irrespective of whether he or she can download the app. This makes the platform a truly global multicultural platform, says Jaishankar.

"Through the Q&A feature, we will also develop a much deeper understanding of the values, attitudes and aspirations of kids aged 8 to 12. Rather than downloads, we believe engagement is the true barometer for success. This is also something that our brand partners truly value. We are confident that this feature will also enable us to connect deeply with the difficult to please 11 and 12-year-olds whose worldview seems to be ever-changing," he adds. 

 is the website for Voxtalk where kids can ask and answer questions 

The Playstore app link for kids to download the VoxTalk  app is


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