Watch Hollywood’s Biggest Stars Adorn Their Hindi Avatar On &flix

This Hindi Diwas Day, let’s get together and bring back the lustre of one of many languages bestowed to the world by this great nation and celebrate the simplicity of this wonderful language. Watch Hollywood’s biggest stars in their Hindi Avatar and witness a show like none other where your most celebrated actors walk Hindi, talk Hindi, fight Hindi and romance in Hindi because Hindi is a very beautiful language. Starting 11AM, Let’s join these stars in giving our language all the love it deserves with an all-day binge of Hindi Diwas Special on &flix this 14th September.

Starting our day, Oscar nominated Tom hardy brings to you his blockbuster anti-superhero hit ‘Venom’. Watch as Eddie Brock (Tom Hardy) gives up control of his mind and body to an alien organism exhibiting behaviour that of a twisted, dark and sadist creature fuelled by rage and anger. With a range of superhuman and immortal healing capabilities, Eddie takes on a new role that he finds so intoxicating. To further fuel your adrenaline, look out for super cop, super smart and might I say super dashing duo Oscar winner Will Smith and Martin Lawrence as they gun down drug smuggling cartels, ruthless street criminals and Miami city’s most feared outlaws in this smashing hit series. It’s not over yet! Watch James Cameron’s Cult series blockbuster Terminator: Age of Extinction and Terminator Salvation that gives you a glimpse of a future take over by AI and machines. Rejoice and celebrate this proud historic language that has had an impression in the making for over thousands of years and one recognised globally.

Take a seat and enjoy these fabulous movies for you airing this Hindi Diwas with Hollywood Blockbusters in Hindi all day long on &Flix


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