Watch Ravinder Singh come to life atop his latest novel with Blippar!

Blippar partners with Penguin Books India - for bestselling author Ravinder Singh’s latest novel ‘This Love That Feels Right’.

Brace yourself for an immersive experience like no other, with your favourite author Ravinder Singh, by ‘blipping’ his new novel “This Love That Feels Right” with the Blippar app. Having made their foray into the world of Augmented Reality, the bestselling author along with Penguin Books India, is breaking the fourth wall by giving readers the chance to interact directly with him, through a seemingly inanimate book cover. Confused? Read on!

With an unparalleled track-record in visual-marketing, user engagement as well as innovation - Blippar, the world’s largest Augmented Reality and Visual Discovery platform, has partnered with Penguin Books India, to deliver the country’s first digitally disruptive marketing initiative in the publishing space - centred around the author himself.

By ‘blipping’ or scanning the cover of the book with the Blippar app, the reader gets to experience a miniature Ravinder Singh, as he comes to life atop the cover, within a 3D-rotatable model no less! He introduces the theme of his book, and then goes on to prompt the reader to 'Share a Review' or 'Take a Selfie', and finally signs off, reminding the reader that based on reviews submitted, 5 lucky participants would get to go on a coffee-date with him!

Commenting on the association, Managing Director - Blippar India, Arnav Ghosh said, “In another first, Ravinder Singh's massive fan-base will now be able to experience & engage directly with India's very first interactive novel! Blippar doggedly strives to unlock more for the human eye, from the world that we've grown accustomed to and Penguin India's latest is no different. Giving the reader a chance to pull out their phone and interact “right there & then” with someone who would otherwise be beyond their reach - is as real & raw as it gets! And therein lies the true essence of AR - bridging the last known divide between the physical & the digital in the tech era.”

So make sure you grab your copy of Ravinder Singh’s newest love story “This Loves That Feels Right” to get on board with India’s first ‘Blippable’ novel!

How to bring Ravinder Singh to life off the cover of ‘This Love That Feels Right’?

→ Download the Blippar app on your Smartphone

→ Scan the whole front cover of the novel with the app

→ Watch the phenomenon Ravinder Singh comes to life!

You’ll get to listen to your favourite author talk about the labour of his love, and engage instantly by taking a selfie with him, checking out what others have to say about him or his book, on the virtual “Thought Cloud” and finally, also be able to share your own review! After all, you might just be amongst the chosen few, sitting across from him, discussing life, love & books, over a cup of coffee.

Availability - The Blippar app is free for download on the App store and Google Play Store


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