WazirX NFT Marketplace commemorates 100 days in India

India’s most trusted marketplace, WazirX NFT Marketplace has completed 100 successful days in the Indian market. Launched on 1st June 2021, WazirX NFT marketplace has till date sold more than 1200 digital collectibles across gaming, sports, music and visual arts. Pioneering the NFT segment in India and South Asia, WazirX NFT marketplace provides a credible space for creators and collectors to acquire and trade unique and exclusive artwork. Currently in the beta phase, a total of 3208 NFTs have been minted on the platform, off which 1068 were sold via fixed price model and 204 via auction model.

WazirX NFT marketplace recently rolled out the auction feature through Ritviz and Nucleya collaboration, which has been a total gamechanger in the NFT space. Blockchain-based auctions are a worldwide affair which opens up these creators to the international market. From this point onwards, the marketplace is entering into its secondary phase. With newer features being introduced to the marketplace, we see more creators and collectors jumping on the bandwagon. WazirX NFT opens up a plethora of prospects, and that is why it can be an exciting invitation to get the first shot at such an incredible opportunity. In the secondary phase, WazirX NFt marketplace will commemorate the first 1000 sold NFTs on the platform and these creators will be earning a badge against their profiles. Since WazirX was the first official marketplace of India and these were the first few creators of NFTs in the Indian market, through this badge WazirX NFT marketplace aims to celebrate artworks that created history in this segment. Additionally, the secondary market allows secondary sale royalty rights to the original creator of the NFT art, which is one way to earn passively as an NFT artist.

WazirX NFT marketplace handpicks spotlight artists to ensure robust quality control and build a credible platform with exclusive NFT art. Home to 323 creators, the platform is developing unique cases by hosting digital collectibles from some of India’s leading artists including  Prasad BhatSatish AcharyaPriya MalikIshita BanerjeeVimal ChandranAbhishek Bhaskar to name a few. As an industry first, WazirX NFT marketplace also  hosted India’s first Augmented Reality (AR) + NFT Art Gallery Exhibition by Sneha Chakraborty. The platform also witnessed participation from brands like Sunburn and RitvizXNucleya. Focused on creating an inclusive community the brand has on-boarded child prodigy and  India’s youngest NFT artist, Laya Mathikshara and first gender fluid artist Anwesh Sahoo.


Boasting of a strong collector community, WazirX NFT marketplace builds on providing multiple use-cases with NFTs. The platform with its secondary market allows NFT collectors, just like creators, to list and sell their NFT on a marketplace. This process is born out of the need for a market flow in the crypto art space. This ensures high return on investment in digital collectibles.


Sandesh Suvarna, VP, WazirX NFT Marketplace, said: “NFTs have been recognized as the key emerging technologies propelling innovation through trust and change. With big tech giants moving into the crypto ecosystem, new opportunities can be unlocked in this space of metaverse. WazirX NFT marketplace provides the creators with a great way to capitalize on unique assets, engage with their fans, and potentially generate revenue, while staying ahead of the curve and keeping pace with innovations in commerce and technology.”

Vishakha Singh, VP WazirX NFT Marketplace states that “We built the WazirX NFT marketplace from the ground up, keeping in mind that the Indian market and sentiments around NFTs would be very different from what our counterparts face globally. As we complete 100 days and celebrate the sale of over 1000 NFTs - our biggest achievement is the credible inclusive NFT community we were able to build. Today, within a short span we have introduced some of the most diverse use cases within the Indian context. The WazirX NFT team has worked tirelessly to promote these exclusive NFTs of artists. From a win - win for creators , moving forward, with the opening of our secondary market , we wish to ensure a win- win for our collectors now.”

WazirX NFT marketplace brings in diverse talent on the platform and uses it as a tool to bring out more cases for the collectors and art fanatics who like to collect such rare items.  Through our marketplace, we are building an inclusive community of art enthusiasts with exclusive NFTs. NFTs are rapidly growing in popularity in all niches across India and they are all the rage right now. To cater to the growing numbers of creators, collectors and crypto enthusiasts, WazirX NFT marketplace has a lot of exciting things in the pipeline for the future. With every step of the way, we want to celebrate these creators and collectors who have been with us since the very beginning and placed their trust in an unconvention digital marketplace such as ours.


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