We are looking to beat 33% industry growth by 3-4 times: Prasad Shejale

Logicserve Digital, a digital marketing company and the Indian arm of Logicserve Group, has announced the launch of a new logo for the company to mark the milestone year, 2019, when the company is witnessing exponential growth. The company will start using the new branding within all its internal as well as external communications with stakeholders over the coming weeks.

The overall logo reflects the three key character traits of the company: curiosity, adaptability and intelligence; which are indispensable to thrive and lead in the dynamic world. The circle at the bottom is similar to the anchor seen in a question mark or exclamation and symbolises curiosity that is the genesis of any change or transformation. The fluid shape showcases adaptability highlighting the company’s ability to change and evolve. The mnemonic that looks like a profile view of a brain, symbolises intelligence and thought leadership.

Logicserve Digital continues to advance its growth footprint by being an Independent ‘360-degree digital marketing agency’, providing integrated solutions. The company has won over 100 awards, including the ‘Performance Agency of the Year’ award at Digixx 2019, in the past two years for the successful implementation of digital marketing solutions focused on a customer-centric and tailor-made strategy that yields a win-win situation for both brands and consumers. With a strong team of 320+ digital marketing experts and having serviced over 300 clients across various sectors, the company is poised to embark on its next phase of growth by adorning a new identity. 

In conversation with Adgully, Prasad Shejale, CEO & Founder, Logicserve Digital, speaks about the new identity,

What change does the new logo reflect?
This year, the critical thing that has happened is that we have grown and strengthened our management team. After 13 years, we have a 350-strong company and characteristic traits, which are curious, adaptive and intelligence, which are also part of the logo. The capability areas we have defined are media, creative, data insights and technology. Giving that clarity to our clients has really helped us in the last one year.

In a changing world, we want to reflect the traits required not just to survive but flourish. We wanted to underline the importance of those traits with our new logo. The world has changed and for a changing world we wanted to show what we represent.

How has the industry changed?
Digital marketing was looked at in a siloed way. Someone would look for creative, data and insights and now ad-tech and marketing. But for many consumers digital has become the first and last touchpoint in the buying journey. So, you really need integrated digital marketing services. Our transformative logo, changes its shape is a representation of the integrated digital marketing services.

This change to an integrated approach is being driven by clients. Our clients asked us a few quarters back for an integrated approach, which got us thinking and we put so many services that make digital marketing happen into buckets to make them easily identifiable.

Digital media is something evolving quickly because consumers are on different platforms. Storytelling has been reduced to 6 seconds, but if it is really good, it can be long form also. Every vertical is changing so rapidly that it is not about new services, but a new way of reaching out to the consumers.

We bring our integrated solution-oriented approach and a lot of passion to our clients. We are also trend catchers. Often, we have found new trends gone back to the customer and provided the same things.

Has the organisational culture changed?
The core values of the organisation have remained the same and we have not had a departure from those values, but what I have learnt is that size matters a lot. What we were doing a few years back and what we are doing now at the size we are, we are able to do much quicker, at a larger scale and better.

When the industry is growing at 33 per cent, we are looking to beat that industry growth by 3-4 times. We are growing at a CAGR of 100-102 per cent and we would definitely like to continue with that growth even though our denominator is much bigger now.

There are many projects where we have built data and insights with which are helping our clients a lot. Second is our take on creative. We feel that creative needs across different channels and lifecycles of the consumer are different. We don’t believe in one-creative-fits-all. The leadership team that we have built will unlock the next level of growth in the years to come.

What are the key digital trends that you foresee in 2020?
The key digital trend from the perspective of brands is that they would like to connect all the data at one place. How to have their consumer needs with everything woven together well is something I expect to see next year. I see integrated and personal as a trend next year.


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