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We’re committed to contributing to the global fight against COVID-19: Priti Sureka

Increased hygiene awareness has accelerated the global demand for hand sanitizers, following the COVID-19 pandemic. With health hygiene becoming more critical than ever before, timely accessibility to affordable yet efficacious products is the need of the hour. As demand for hand sanitizers reaches new peak amidst the recent spread of COVID-19 , FMCG major Emami Ltd has forayed into the hand sanitizer market under its flagship skincare brand, BoroPlus, which is already a market leader in the Antiseptic category with the launch of its BoroPlus Advanced Anti-Germ Hand Sanitizer.

To understand the launch strategy on this brand extension Adgully caught up with Priti Sureka, Director, Emami Ltd, on launching a new variant amid the COVID-19 crisis.

Can we call the launch of BoroPlus sanitiser as opportunity marketing? Or was this product already in your stable and you were not aggressively promoting it? You have entered a bit late so have you not lost the initial advantage?

As a responsible corporate organisation, we are committed to contributing to the global fight against COVID-19 with efficacious, accessible and affordable products for our consumers.

We advanced the launch of this hand sanitizer in the shortest possible time to address the unprecedented health crisis faced by the country today. Also, BoroPlus is the No.1 Antiseptic Cream brand in the country and is well known for its antiseptic equity. The launch of a hand sanitizer is a natural extension of the BoroPlus brand promise in such a scenario.

Though many players have entered in this category recently, still there is a huge demand-supply gap, putting the lives of millions of people of the country at risk. It is our constant endeavour to support the cause and minimise this gap.

Is this is a specially formulated product to stay safe from the viruses? Is it available on a national level? How the company is managing the distribution aspect during the lockdown?

BoroPlus Advanced Anti-Germ Hand Sanitizer is powered by the natural antiseptic qualities of Neem and Tulsi. It has an alcohol base of 70 per cent and is clinically proven to kill 99.99 per cent of illness-causing germs within seconds.

The product will be available at a national level across pharmacy stores, modern trade outlets, and e-commerce platforms. Hand sanitizer is classified as an essential item, hence the distribution of this product is allowed even during lockdown, which is being managed through our existing countrywide network of distributors and channel partners.

While the product is targeted at the general public, is there any defined target audience? How are you differentiating from your competition and what is your pricing strategy?

BoroPlus is an iconic brand with strong family values and codes. BoroPlus Advanced Anti-Germ hand Sanitizer is designed to protect the entire family from germs and diseases.

BoroPlus Hand Sanitizer is suitable for frequent usage throughout the day without causing dryness of the skin, owing to its antiseptic action with moisturising properties. It not only helps to keep hands germ free, but also leaves the skin soft, with increased anti-microbial resistance.

Our pricing adheres to the regulatory guidelines and is affordable for everyone.

What is your communication strategy to promote BoroPlus sanitizers?

At this time, digital content consumption has shot through the roof. We will be educating the consumers about the importance of sanitization and hand hygiene-related activities for protecting them against the COVID-19 through digital mediums and content marketing tools.

What is your media mix and media strategy? How you leveraging digital to reach your audience?

Media will be heavily skewed towards digital for faster connection in the current situation, while we will also use conventional media vehicles to keep building awareness.

We will also be focusing on driving awareness about COVID-19 and personal hygiene through campaigns, incorporating various precautions that people should take to stay safe and healthy.


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