We’re one of the highest-spending native ad agencies in India: Adsparkx’s Vipul Taneja

Following the fast rise of the digital economy, MarTech in India has seen substantial growth. This has been accelerated further by the shift in consumer behaviour caused by the worldwide epidemic. Customer acquisition, engagement, conversion, and retention have all shifted to digital channels. BFSI, retail, consumer durables, media & technology, and automobiles are the top verticals that use MarTech.

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Digital has emerged as a critical channel for not just client acquisition and engagement, but also conversion and retention. Today, MarTech is crucial in automating procedures and making marketing simpler for firms. Global MarTech investment in 2021 is expected to be over $344.8 billion, demonstrating the usefulness of MarTech in practically every organisation.

Adgully spoke to Vipul Taneja, CEO, Adsparkx, to understand and identify how MarTech helps brands better anticipate and predict customer needs and how new techs are integrated in existing solutions. Excerpts:

How has the journey of Adsparkx been since its inception in India in 2014 in the performance marketing industry?

It’s been eight years and there is so much to talk about. We started with a few people, pulled all-nighters, built teams and went to international summits. We tripled our team size during the pandemic and made a ritual of taking our top performers to international trips.

During the course of our journey in the industry, we have constantly evolved; addressing changes in the industry, improving our skills of advertising and also adding data science in our decision-making and thus, getting the desired results for our clients. Our MarTech solutions distinguish us from the rest of the companies in the space.

We have generated more than five million leads and spent millions of dollars into advertising. Our team today uses Facebook ads, Google Ads, native ads, and TikTok to advertise for our clients.

We believe we are one of the highest-spending native ad agencies in the country. This is something extremely unique to us. We have also catered to different industries like e-commerce, lead generation, content marketing, app installs, and more.

We recently launched a separate division in our company dedicated to Web3 and crypto marketing. We are successfully operating in and serving clients in the US, CA, the UK, EU and more than 20 different countries right now.

How do new technologies in Martech integrate with existing solutions?

In addition to predictive analytics and consumer mapping, there are technologies like machine learning, Metaverse, deep learning and IoT constituting, and AI in Martech that help enhance customer experience. How? The data from voice search, chatbots, messaging platforms, apps and Internet browsing is analysed to target brand consumers accordingly. This gives a more humanised experience to every individual interacting online.

Does MarTech help brands better anticipate and predict customer needs and expectations?

Of course, yes! MarTech encompasses far more than digital advertising. From collecting consumer data to understanding and analysing their behaviour, from creating tailored content to delivering it accordingly across channels, this ecosystem supports it all. There won’t be 100% automation, but this behaviour analysis gives a perspective of how your customer is engaging with your brand based on the insights of which brands keep on improving the results. This is a continual process.

In the age of new-media, how does Adsparkx help brands drive performance via social media?

Our team is equipped to do social media advertising with internally built tools. We predict relevant consumers and direct them to our clients. This way, we enable them to acquire high-quality and engaging users via data-driven decisions. We not only help in identifying prospects and acquire them, but also retain them through a suite of publishers and marketing platforms like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, etc.

What are the ways in which AI, ML, etc., help brands personalise their campaigns?

MarTech spans entire customer journeys, right from data collection to delivering user-specific content. It also regulates ad spends to deliver personalised experiences. AI & ML can help scale campaigns with aspects like predictive analysis for recommendations, bidding for ad campaigns, customer segmentation for target marketing and more. The possibilities are endless; you just need to explore in your own ways for your brand.


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