“We still have disproportionately low numbers of women in corporate leadership”

We, at Adgully, have always saluted and honoured women managers and leaders across diverse fields. W-SUITE is a special initiative from Adgully that has been turning the spotlight on some of the most remarkable women achievers in the M&E, Advertising, Marketing, PR and Communications industry. In the refurbished series, we seek to find out how women leaders have been managing their teams and work as well as how they have been navigating through the toughest and most challenging times brought about by the global pandemic. 

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In conversation with Adgully, Nikita Bhargav CEO and Co-Founder NittyGritti, speaks about women leadership and employee engagement, flexibility and work life balance, prepared for unexpected and more. 

How do you think the role and scope of women leaders has widened in the current market ecosystem?

While in recent times, there have been calls for greater gender equality, truth is that we still have disproportionately low numbers of women in corporate leadership across the globe. This is not surprising given the challenges many of us face while progressing towards leadership roles.  

Considering we play various roles in our life, I feel we tend to display more empathy, humility, sensitivity and inclusiveness. Also, our diverse experiences help us bring fresh perspectives to a workplace.

In the present ecosystem including work from home scenario, women leadership can drive employee engagement and retention more effectively, by bringing a family-like feel to the team, making the environment more cooperative and less authoritative. 

What has been your major learning from the pandemic period?

Be prepared for the unexpected, renew focus on work-life balance. Understanding that work will never be the same and that most knowledge workers can do the job from home.

What is your mantra for maintaining a successful work life balance in the new normal? According to you, what makes women the best in crisis management?

Work-life balance is less about dividing the hours between work and personal life. It is more about having the flexibility to get things done in your professional life while still having time and energy to enjoy your personal life.

As mentioned, it’s the empathy a woman possesses and that gives them an edge over others, especially in leadership roles. It’s one of the effective ways of managing people, particularly during a sensitive crisis.

What are the five most effective leadership lessons that you have learned?

  1. Be transparent and genuine.
  2. Have a clear purpose.
  3. Be clear about required outcomes.
  4. Be there when your team needs you.
  5. Know your limitations.

Gender sensitivity and inclusion in the new normal – how can organizations effectively encourage and groom women leaders in challenging times?

  1. Increase diversity while hiring.
  2. Have systems in place to identify and promote talent at an early stage.
  3. Create an open-minded atmosphere.
  4. Eradicate gender pay gap.

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