Web 3.0 Influencer & Intelligence Report 2022

Web 3.0 Influencer & Intelligence Report 2022
Web 3.0 Influencer & Intelligence Report 2022

FleishmanHillard and its research practice, TRUE Global Intelligence, in partnership with Eleve Media, today released the Web 3.0 Influencer & Intelligence Report 2022, showcasing the ways that conversation and influence are quickly changing in India around the rising evolution of the ‘metasphere’.

Both the creator economy and the topics driving discussion of Web 3.0 on social media have sharply increased over the past 12 months. The report research included a survey of over 500 influencers, content creators and select Web 3.0 players from March through April 2022, in addition to the analysis of more than 12 months of social conversations. The research confirms the massive excitement around Web 3.0, as well as specific areas of interest, including education, regulation and the need for re-imagined communities.

“Our report confirms the rapidly growing appetite for news and views about the metaverse and Web 3.0-related trends. These advancements are already setting a precedent for brands and content creators who can design highly engaging and differentiated campaigns that leverage this advantage. We hope this report will increase our understanding of the subject and contribute toward the adoption of Web 3.0 in a meaningful way for brands and creators,” said Munavar Attari, managing director and partner, FleishmanHillard in India.

The Web 3.0 Influencer & Intelligence Report 2022 also provides a detailed conversation analysis and overview of the Web 3.0 landscape in India. 

“Our research inspected the developments in the Web 3.0 space over the past year and highlights just how dynamic the topic is, and how much open territory still exists for brand communications that satisfy this hunger,” added Michael Rinaman, managing director of TRUE Global Intelligence in APAC and global head of analytics for FleishmanHillard. “As brands adopt new technologies in Web 3.0, understanding the velocity and direction of the current conversation can be valuable to start from a place of intelligence and understanding in India.” 

Major themes and findings are discussed in detail in the Web 3.0 Influencer & Intelligence Report 2022, including how: 

  1. The popularity of Web 3.0 content reveals a dire need for better understanding about the new generation of web technologies. 
  2. The evolving landscape requires close attention to shifting conversations to understand emergent trends, nuances and new risks.
  3. Most influencers want to create for community (Web 3.0) over algorithms (Web 2.0) in the metaverse.
  4. Influencers are on the lookout for next-gen tools to strengthen the creator economy.
  5. Creators and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have paved the way for the metaverse to become an accelerated reality.
  6. Creators vote for Discord, virtual influencers and social interactions as key Web 3.0 tools.

“Web 3.0 promises a more direct relationship between brands and consumers. And we would want brands to be equipped to experiment and explore Web 3.0 platforms and opportunities. The Web 3.0 Influencer & Intelligence Report 2022 is a joint effort with FleishmanHillard in India to help brands strategically leverage this societal shift,” said Prince Khanna, CEO and co-founder of Eleve Media. 

From the Web 3.0 Influencer & Intelligence Report 2022, the research from FleishmanHillard in India and Eleve demonstrates a sense of urgency that brands need to start to develop Web 3.0 strategies now while there is still room for differentiation and partnership. As audiences become more familiar with Web 3.0 topics such as NFTs, cryptocurrencies, blockchains and tokens, there will be less opportunity to differentiate.

Web 3.0 is set to change the influencer ecosystem and continue to drive conversation. In the report, brands can learn more about immediate opportunities to act – from embracing the key trio with creators (creation, consumption and compensation) to crafting the right strategies and messaging to be considered relevant.


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