Weekend Exclusive | In conversation with multifaceted & glamorous Amrita Raichand

Exuberant and talented Amrita Raichand a much known face in the advertising fraternity continues to woo audiences with her effervescence and charm. As a model she is known to have set the ramp on fire with her million dollar smile! She is one of India’s favourite mom on the small screen and also a shutterbug’s delight. Best known as the Brand Ambassador for “Whirlpool Home Appliances”, she played the gorgeous Whirlpool mom straight out of college. She has also endorsed brands such as - Parle-G, Ponds, Babool, Pizza Hut, Action Shoes, Gold Winner Sunflower Oil, Su-Kam appliances.  In the role of an anchor she has hosted a number of game shows and award functions including the WOW Awards, Big Nite, Ace Tech Awards for builders .

Her fondness for serious acting led her to explore other avenues in her profession.  She has also acted in TV serials such as Ketan Mehta's "Time Bomb 9/11" and in Yash Raj’s venture called "Mahi Way". Earlier she played a cameo in a Salman Khan film called “Ready” and another one called “Luv u Kalakaar” produced by Rajshri films. She has also played a prominent role in the movie "Detective Naani".

She recently completed a course in acting with Mr. Anupam Kher to hone her acting skills and has graduated the course with great appreciation from the teaching fraternity.

Amrita Raichand spoke to Adgully about her early days in the modeling industry, her stints in television, her big break in movies and her love for cricket.

Travelling down memory lane Amrita recollects how her career in modeling took off in the early day and goes on to share how she was initiated in the profession. Becoming philosophical Amrita says, “ It is said that "destiny plays a very big role in shaping up our lives" and with every passing day I have started believing more and more in that saying. I was in St. Xavier's College concentrating on my studies when out of the blue, during "Malhar" our annual show, a gentleman came up to me and said his model had ditched him and he wanted me to walk the ramp for his clothes. I did it and he took my number. Next thing I know is that I get a call from the modelling agency that he used to work for to audition for a Ponds Dream fairness cream ad. The role was of the main girl's friend but when the creative head of O & M met me she said, darling you are my new Ponds Girl. After that there was no looking back and I bagged some of the very prestigious ad campaigns including that of Whirlpool home appliances, where I was their brand ambassador for 6 yrs and that really made me a household name!”

Sharing her interest and fondness for acting which led her to explore avenues in television and films she said, “They say once an actor always an actor and I guess I realised soon that my passion was acting. I come from a very conservative family so had limited choices of what all I could do in this industry. But God was really kind and somehow I managed to create a niche for myself.” Amrita has received excellent television serials offer including Time Bomb 9/11 with Mr.Ketan Mehta and Mahi Way for Yash Raj Films!

Hosting shows have also been one of her forte and the multifaceted Amrita has also been known to host several shows on television. Speaking about this she said,“ I honestly think I'm one of the truly lucky ones who can multi task in our industry. I love modelling, acting and hosting with equal amount of passion. Hosting happened to me again quite by chance as out of the blue I was offered to host the Whirlpool Women Achiever's awards. A huge show and event and I had never done live hosting. I wanted to chicken out of it but since I was in a contract with them they didn't give me a choice and assured me that I would do a great job. Well the moment I went on stage I just felt I owned it and that introduced me to my next passion- hosting.” A few shows already in her kitty on TV currently one of the most popular ones on air is for Sanjeev Kapoor's channel, Food Food. It's called Mummy Ka Magic which is a cookery show for kids and has one the best cookery show award at the ITA! Amrita proudly adds, “Yes I'm a very good cook as well!”

She is also a die hard cricket fan! Having hosted the programme Cricket Café she displays her knowledge and profound interest in the game. “I have always been a cricket fan as both my older brothers and my husband are cricket fanatics! So by default I used to watch a lot of cricket and the moment I got the opportunity to host cricket cafe I pounced at it. Of course I will not deny that my husband at home and the cricket experts on the show, Tony Greg and Kapil  Dev went a long way in giving me a lot of technical knowledge of the game and I will always be grateful to them for it,” says Amrita.

Her big break in movies is taking off with her full length commercial movie “Baat Ban Gayi”  Is this opportunity  fulfilling her aspirations in acting? With regard to this she said “It has been a blessing in disguise literally as I was really keen on doing a proper feature film which had something substantial for me to do in it. So far whatever we have shot really seems great, I'm praying that the end product turns out the same. So yes, fingers crossed as I'm really hoping that I get some great movie offers after this film releases.”

She says it is impossible to choose between films and television since she finds both are equally amazing and exciting.

For Amrita being in the profession she is in, it is imperative to maintain beauty and fitness and holds paramount importance in such an industry. In conclusion when asked about her fitness regime she follows to keep herself fit, she said , “Well being a foodie makes it even more important for me to be careful about my fitness. I work out 5 days a week, which includes aiyangar yoga, aerobics, weight training, swimming or simply dancing when I'm too bored to step out. I'm a trained classical dancer and have also done Shiamak Davar's dance classes so dancing comes naturally to me.”

Currently Amrita is hosting a cookery show called "Mummy Ka Magic" for Food Food Channel which has been awarded the ‘Best Cookery Show’ at the Indian Telly Awards 2012.
Her career in acting too is reaching new heights with her role in ‘ Baat Ban Gayi’ with Gulshan Grover ,Ali Fazal and Anisha, which is slated to release soon. Amrita plays one of the four pivotal characters in this romantic comedy which is being shot in Mumbai presently. On an end note the glamorous Amrita Raichand shares her fitness mantra and says ‘eat well,  sleep well, exercise , and last but not the least , be happy!’


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