Weekend Exclusive | Preity Zinta ' the pint size bubbly!

Internationally well acclaimed actress from Bollywood, Preity Zinta shares with us stories from her childhood, her new show and her cricket team.

Guinness World Records will be Preity Zinta's first venture into the television world. The driving factor that brought Preity to host Guinness World Records was the fact that Indians will be breaking records worldwide. She also felt that the show being a global platform Preity Zinta would be meeting real people from India rather than people just trying to get their 15 minutes of fame.

Zinta being an adventure sports lover herself was very excited to be on the show. Hopefully the audience will get to see Zinta dive out of a plane soon.

The transition from movies to television has not been a piece a cake as the two mediums are definitely very different. Television is very exhausting because it's very fast paced in comparison with the easy at which a movie is made.

With Guinness it was particularly challenging as it was live and had real genuine people who would put her on the spot so often.

Zinta reminisces about her childhood when she was known as a "tom-boy'. She shares, "If you see my pictures you'll always find me with cuts, scratches on my face or a fracture or tapeŽ" that she got while beating up boys. Her secret tactic is, "beat someone and run!"

Fame has not changed this pint size bubbly girl and she continues to be the same person she has been over the years.

Her plans for 2011 has had her booked with IPL, only after which she can move on to films for which she has already been preparing herself. With this Bollywood will see the return of Preity Zinta after a four year long break.

Zinta also put the rumors to rest that she will not be selling Kings XI Punjab nor will she be leaving IPL. Jokingly Zinta states that its time that she called Dhoni on the shows for his record breaking scores in cricket.

Zinta ends with a powerful message for the youth saying, "follow your dreams & be safe."


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