Weekend Exclusive | Radio City's RJ Salil & RJ Archana unplugged!

Radio City 91.1 FM’s breakfast show ‘Kasa Kai Mumbai’ recently completed three glorious years .As celebrations galore at Radio City, Adgully talks to RJ Salil and RJ Archana who have contributed immensely in making the show what it is today. An absolute pair of humor and wit, these two radio jockeys with their constant lovable fights and the liveliness that they bring to the morning show have formed an instant connect with the audiences.
In a tete-a tete with Adgully, RJ Salil and RJ Archana share interesting trivia about their journey as radio jockeys, their show “Kasa Kai Mumbai” and much more. Read on to find out.
Adgully (AG): ‘Kasa Kai Mumbai’ has completed three years. How has the journey been so far?
RJ Salil: ‘Kasa Kai Mumbai’s journey of 3 years has been very satisfying; it has been an exhilarating ride.
RJ Archana: ‘Kasa Kai Mumbai’ has been a rollercoaster ride and an awesome journey! The show gave us an opportunity to come closer to our listeners. Salil and me in our ten year long friendship sometimes feel like a disgruntled married couple, who cannot do without each other and can’t stand each other at times!
AG:  What have been some of the highpoints of your journey?
RJ Salil: Just to be able to connect with my audience and to be able to make a difference marks a highpoint for me every time. I really treasure the experience of rediscovering the medium of radio after a break of 6 years. It feels good to be reaching out to my listeners every morning with ‘Kasa Kai Mumbai’.
RJ Archana: The Musical-e-Azam where we discovered that Salil is a guitarist and sings decently as well! The fact that people find relief in our ON AIR fights is a high point!
AG: What do you think about radio as a medium and the future of radio?
RJ Salil: I think it is the way to go, because it’s pure, unadulterated and very personality driven. It is very raw unlike television where a lot of post-production goes into the making of the show.
RJ Archana: It’s the medium that was, is and will be! I am reminded of “I am Legend” where Will Smith’s only two friends after aliens took over, were his pet dog & Radio. 
It is a very pure medium that demands utter honesty from your personality, rather than sensationalizing in news paper & television.

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