Weekend Exclusive | Ramesh Aravind & 92.7 BIG FM's RJ Shruti unplugged!

92.7 BIG FM Bengaluru station has launched a new breakfast show, “BIG COFFEE” that promises to give Bangaloreans a new reason to celebrate their favorite city every single day. Listeners will be treated with absolute entertainment everyday as they celebrate their most favorite passions ranging food, theatre, hang out places, music, local shopping, places of devotion and more with their favorite jocks. Additionally, the show will also focus on lifestyle of the people in the busy city and day to day healthy living, apart from featured current affairs. The show will be hosted by popular Sandalwood star Ramesh Aravind alongwith RJ Shruti. Adgully spoke to both the RJs about the show. Excripts: 
In conversation with Ramesh Aravind:
Adgully (AG): An actor, director, producer, TV host and now a radio host. Sir, can you please share your views on this?
Ramesh Aravind (RA): I started my career in radio at All India Radio, then moved on to TV as an anchor. My life has revolved around big challenges as an entertainer. In fact, in one of my movies “Accident”, I played a role of a radio jockey (RJ). Today I am really happy to be back on radio.
AG: You are there in the hearts and minds of lakhs of your fans, how does it feels to get connected to them live?
RA: I always found RJs hilarious and entertaining, with respect to their presence of mind, activeness and also their skill. I think it’s a wonderful opportunity to connect to people every day and be one of their family members over breakfast or their driving companion during their journey.
AG: What can we expect from your show, “BIG COFFEE”?
RA: Every segment on our show is either infotainment or entertainment. The whole show is filled with trivia about Bangalore, my connection to city, people’s problems, experience with co-stars and other super stars, inspirational stuff and also exciting segments on daily basis such as Monday mysterious murders, trivia Tuesdays, Wednesday word, thoughtful Thursday, fun Fridays and sutha-mutha Saturdays and the list goes on… Behind every segment you will see a mind at work, not just a tongue wagging.
AG: What attracted you, to do this show?
RA: Basically a city connects emotionally. It is a wonderful and a great way to connect with people and understand what the citizens think about and share their ideas in an entertaining way.
AG: How do you find RJ Shruthi as a Radio Jockey?
RA: She is an absolute professional and experienced RJ. Our chemistry is terrific and she is a wonderful person. So that makes things easier to work.  
In conversation with RJ Shruthi:
AG: You will be hosting the new show with Ramesh Aravind, your view on this?
Shruthi: I think it’s going to be great fun! Mornings are mostly busy with people getting stuck in peak hour traffic, getting ready for their day ahead. So it is important for a morning show to lighten their moods and pepper their lives with the right doze of information and entertainment – that’s simple infotainment. And what better than a double header to do it! Two and their striking conversations and personas add a lot of zest to the otherwise busy mornings.
AG: Can you tell us more about your new show? What kind of chemistry we can expect from both of you?
Shruthi: Big Coffee as the name suggests is the original breakfast show with loads of smart wit, info and entertaining interaction, all in a never heard before package. Big Coffee is hosted by RJ Pat Pat Pataki Shruti and Actor turned RJ Ramesh Arvind - both bundles of pep and spunk! Then there is a discussion between the RJs, if you could call it a discussion. Whatever is local, whatever is relevant is here. Listener opinion is solicited and celebs are on hand, Shruti and Ramesh fight with each other, flirt with each other and get on each other’s nerves too. All in all, Big Coffee is stimulating and enticing, your ideal combo of fun and info and endless Ramesh- Shruthi banter.
AG: Can you share with us your key highlights of your career with 92.7 BIG FM?
Shruthi: Radio happened to me by chance. I think the best things in life are not planned. I started my roller coaster ride in radio about six years ago but 92.7 Big FM gave me my share of name and fame. "Pat Pat Pataki Shruthi" as people fondly call me was coined by my team in Big FM. From free auto rides to free everything would be offered to me just because of who I am. 
AG: What do you expect from life?
Shruthi: Wow! Isn’t being alive the most exciting thing in this world? Life as such is something I live to the fullest. I live for the moment. So when it comes to expectations I strongly believe, “would you like to know your future? If your answer is yes, think again. Not knowing is the greatest life motivator. So enjoy, endure, survive each moment as it comes to you in its proper sequence - a surprise.”

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