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Weekend Exclusive | Sushmita Mukherjee's just a devil woman or is she?

This weekend Adgully gives you a look into an actress, a mother and an everyday woman all wrapped in one. We give you, Sushmita Mukherjee!

Sushmita Mukherjee debuted her acting career in Karamchand a popular detective TV serial in the 1980s. She played the role of Kitty a glamorous but ditsy assistant. In her latest venture Mukherjee plays the role of a diabolical character called Devki in 'Chhoti Si Zindagi'. She is also currently working on a movie called "Tere Mere Phere' and directed by Deepa Sahi.

Mukherjee who is now synonym to the evil witch character has often found herself in frowns as children sometimes identify her with the character she plays. However that of course lasts only till they get to know her for the warm and wonderful human being she is. She doesn't melt when in contact with water only wicked witches do.

Speaking about her association with the show she expresses that the driving factor for choosing to play this role was Hats Off. She had wanted to work with the well reputed production house. Although she was and still is a little scared about playing another negative role she decided to give it her best.

Being an actor demands a lot of working hours and at odd times of the day. Being a mother also has its own difficulties. Mukherjee has managed to balanced the two and come out smiling every single day. She says, "It's a rollercoaster if you have survived a relationship you can survive anything." She expresses that as a woman finding the balance between work and your family is especially difficult. There can be a lot of strain on a relationship be it financial or emotional ups and downs.

After 27 years in the industry Mukherjee is grateful that people still ask for her in their show and movies. She would love to play a more contemporary role like Meryl Streep in "It's Complicated'. She conveys that there are roles like these in Bollywood as well however it just needs to be made.

She ends on a note of advice that acting should not be done for the money. "It's not prostitution," she shares. The business of acting should be taken seriously and has to be "driven by passion" and for her it is extremely important that she does justice to the role because the audience matters. "The audience is God," says Mukherjee. | By Vanessa Azavedo [vanessa(at)]


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