Weekend Exclusive | The man of AXN's Men 2.0, Host Keith Sequeira

Keith Sequeira, a former model and host of B4U, is now co- hosting AXN's Men 2.0. Having Bachelors in Economics, Sequeira speaks of how he loved exploring the world and slowly turned to the media field. Speaking exclusively to Adgully, Sequeira shared some insights about this space and also about himself.

"When fashion didn't work for me, I started off with presenting shows on B4U music," he said.

Although on television it may seem easy, there is a lot of work put into everything. He goes on to say how sometimes one needs to face challenges as they come. "The challenges are also the beauty, you do not know what to expect. It is not a typical routine job. You need to constantly value add and improvise and make things happen. It has to be impromptu. It is not just about the show, it is how you relate to the audience. If you go wrong, you can go terribly wrong and if you get it right, it can be very satisfying," Sequeira further added.

Men 2.0 is co-hosted by Sequeira and Shibani Dandekar. Adgully spoke to Dandekar last week about the show and this week we offer you Sequeira's perspective on Men 2.0. "I think I have the certain amount of excitement that is required for the show. What matters in terms of personality is if you are the person who has the conviction to talk about these outdoor activities. People kind of catch on to that. You can't fool everyone forever though you could fool some at times. You should be able to relate to the audience in a real way when you have such a large audience. The show targets at the young man who is experimenting with his lifestyle. He wants to understand what's aspiration wise important to him," he said when asked how does he as a host add to the show.

"It has been an absolute pleasure and a lot of hard work hosting the show and also for the entire team. It looks so easy but actually there is a lot of work that goes through especially because it is not presented in a studio. You are enjoying yourself and you are having fun and having a great experience but of course with a lot of hard work. There is a definite side to everyone, like an outdoor side, romantic side and others, which we try to put together on the show," he further added.

As he was in the industry of fashion and modeling for a while, Sequeira has experience in this space. As many look up to celebrities for a fashion direction, is it necessary to be a follower? "Fashion is a very personal statement and is a compass. It is not necessarily something you need to copy. If it doesn't go with the personality, forget it. If you like it, adapt it. Whatever works for you. For me I am a very multidimensional guy. I am not limited to just one thing, I can wear anything. For me fashion is how you feeling and how you express yourself," he said

Sequeira agrees that social networking sites are crucial in one's life today. "I use Facebook as a tool for me. I use it as an extension of what I do in terms of my lifestyle. I incorporate it in such a way that when technology becomes an asset to my life, I don't want it to be a hindrance in any way," he added

Having done theatre at school and in college, Sequeira hopes to get into films if a good role and a character comes along. He believes acting is inherent in everyone.

When asked which his favourite holiday destination is, he replied without hesitation, "I love the Maldives. I love and admire it. It has got pearl in the ocean. It is the world's most beautiful place. I am not talking about fun and party, but purely getting away from anything, a holiday that would rejuvenate you, then Maldives it is!" | By Janees Antoo [janees(at)adgully.com]


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