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Westlife Development Ltd led McDonald’s introduces special Gourmet Burger

McDonald’s India turns 25 this year and the brand is giving its consumers, one more reason to celebrate this milestone! After 25 years of serving favourites like McAloo Tikki, Maharaja Mac, McSpicy, Mc Veggie & McChicken, Westlife Development Ltd led McDonald’s (West & South India), has unveiled a new range of indulgent Gourmet Burgers. This Chef’s special range consists of unique and generously sized, scrumptious burgers with signature McDonald’s touches to add some more favourites to your list.  

Menu innovation has been a key pillar of success for brand McDonald’s in India. The brand has successfully managed to knit local flavours in its product range. With the launch of the Gourmet range, McDonald’s aims to strengthen its leadership in the burger category.  What makes this new selection of burgers a gourmet affair is the exotic patties, ingredients and sauces that they contain. The range is a mix of delectable cheesy indulgences and spicy delights to cater to all palates and taste buds. The burgers are also bigger in size and are curated to offer consumers, more filling meal options at McDonald’s. 

Speaking on the launch of this new Gourmet Burger Collection, Smita Jatia, Director, Westlife Development Ltd said,” Menu innovation has been in our DNA. We have always strived to weave in local flavours and preferences into our menu. At the same time, our endeavour has been to bring global flavours to India in a truly McDonald’s way. This new range of premium burgers has been carefully crafted with exotic ingredients and is aimed at providing filling meal options to the customers thereby strengthening the meal proposition at our restaurants”.   

Here is a sneak peek into some burgers from this new Gourmet Burger Collection: 

Cheese Lava American Burger: Cheese Lava American Burger is one of the star products of McDonald’s New Gourmet Burger Collection. The relishing salad in this one is propped up against jalapenos and shredded onions, with the roasted chipotle sauce and cheesy goodness oozes out of the patty. All this slides inside freshly toasted buns! 

Piri Piri Spiced Chicken Burger: A Piri Piri spiced, grilled chicken patty topped with a roasted chipotle sauce, shredded onions, jalapenos, and a refreshing salad, placed between freshly toasted Piri Piri buns!

Triple Cheese American Veg Burger: A crunchy corn patty filled with cheese, topped with jalapenos, shredded lettuce and more cheese, layered between Piri-Piri Buns.  

Piri Piri Spiced Veg Burger - An exotic, spicy veg patty, topped with roasted chipotle sauce, shredded Onions, Jalapenos and a delish salad all layered between freshly toasted Piri Piri Buns

McSpicy Premium Chicken Burger: McSpicy Premium Chicken Burger assures a lavish burger experience. A spicy chicken patty, shredded lettuce topped with Jalapenos and Cheese slice, spicy Habanero sauce & cheese sauce layered between toasted whole wheat buns.  

Chunky Chipotle American Chicken Burger: A combo of grilled chicken patty and Piri Piri chicken patty, smeared with a Roasted Chipotle sauce, cheese, shredded onions, jalapenos and a delish salad layered between freshly toasted quarter pound buns. 

McDonalds is committed to staying ahead of customer expectations and giving them global products with the perfect local twist to take the concept of comfort food a notch higher. This is just the start of the silver jubilee celebrations from the brand and there is much more coming soon!  

The McDonald's Gourmet Burger Collection is available across all outlets in South and West India. You can order it on the McDelivery app or go to the nearest McDonald’s restaurant.  

Are you ready to indulge in this glorious gourmet experience by McDonald’s?

As part of its Golden Guarantee promise, McDonald's has implemented stringent safety and hygiene protocols to ensure the complete safety of its customers and employees.



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