What are the three types of Digital media?

There are three main types of digital media available to individuals or businesses looking to grow their online presence. When used in conjunction, they can increase brand awareness and the reach of a company, building long-term customer relationships.
Earned, owned, and paid media are the categories that should be addressed in any digital marketing plan. Improvements in one will complement the other, so the aim should be to give each equal attention. Below is an overview of the categories so you can better understand them in your next campaign.

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Owned Media
Owned media is anything that a business or company owns and has control over. The most obvious of these is a website, but social media channels and blogs would also fall into this category. They are a channel for putting out news and information while building customer and client relationships.

Numerous online industries have managed to build a reputation using a combination of the three media types. As a case study, the iGaming sector is a prime example with its many cross-promotions and tie-ins. Take Mr Green Slots, which uses its website as a platform for gaming, its owned media. It has driven earned media by attracting customers through its demo mode, where people can play and learn about the games without it costing any money. This in turn allows customers to choose whether to then play for real money. All of this is backed up by a healthy, paid media campaign promoting their 800 slot machines and live casino.

Earned Media

Earned media comes from any form of promotion that is provided by a third party, free of cost or obligation. How the business responds to this can have a marked impact on furthering the reach of the media type, according to SMW. This is most commonly found in social media.
For example, if you place a piece of content on your website which gets shared, the sharing of that media is earned. You have no control over it and have not paid the readers to further its reach. How you comment and react after this can increase the reach and improve your brand awareness.

Any articles that have been written about a company, or comments such as reviews, are also earned media. One of the advantages of earned media is that it is free. However, certain factors can facilitate it. Optimizing for SEO is one, as it allows others to find you and your content quicker and then share it.

Paid Media

Paid media is one in which a company buys exposure. The final goal is to reach a wider audience and drive traffic back to a website or point of sale. One of the most popular methods is PPC, or pay-per-click advertising. This is a form of digital media in which the advertiser will only charge you if a viewer clicks on the link. An alternative is pay-per-impression advertising, in which you pay a fee every time a given number of people have viewed an advert. Both social media sites and search engines themselves have options for paid media.

Its advantages are that it can have a very high return on investment. As they have specific targeting options, ads can get shown to people who have already documented interest in the niche. You may also target people by certain demographics. However, the downsides are that unlike the other forms of media, once you stop funding the campaign, the results cease.


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