What does PornHub have to do with saving our oceans?

Plastic waste has been one of the main pollutants of our environment for decades. A lot of this plastic waste enters our water bodies, which not just pollutes the water but also dangerously affects the marine life. The dangerous and environment altering consequences of plastic pollution have brought NGOs and Governments across the world together to fight the growing menace.

The fight against plastic pollution recently got an unlikely supporter – PornHub, a global pornography website. The website released a video campaign, titled ‘The dirtiest porn ever’, which showcases a porn film that the company made on a polluted beach. The film brings out the problem of pollution in a very interesting way, while keeping intact what the brand is all about.

The video has been shot with popular amateur couple, LeoLulu, who are known for sharing their intimate moments on the platform. The video showcases a polluted beach with the couple wading through the garbage. As the video progresses, the couple engages in foreplay followed by Garbage pickers entering the scene in PornHub jumpsuits. The couple continues their romance as the cleaners pick up the garbage from the polluted beach.

In their official YouTube page LeoLulu said, “PornHub is all about getting dirty, and so are we. But when it comes to the millions of tons of waste that wash up on our shores each year, we could all stand to clean up our act. That’s why we teamed up with them to create ‘The Dirtiest Porn Ever’, an adult film shot on one of the most polluted beaches in the world. And to help clean it up… we want you to get down and dirty. For every view of this video, PornHub will make a donation to Ocean Polymers to help them in their efforts to help preserve our oceans and beaches.”

The uncensored video is available on the PornHub website.

Praising the ingenious initiative, Nisha Sighania, Co-founder and Director, Infectious Advertising, said, “They have very cleverly connected the word dirty to two different contexts to bring out awareness for issues like this.”

For this campaign, PornHub has partnered with Ocean Polymers, a British recycling company which works towards cleaning up the world’s oceans and use their technology to reprocess plastic waste into renewable fuel. They work towards providing a sustainable solution to the removal and processing of ocean waste.

For every view, the brand donates money to Ocean Polymers for this initiative.

PornHub has been very smart with this campaign, especially with the use of the word ‘Dirty’. Porn is consumed globally by millions and attaching an environment awareness campaign with it will definitely spread globally. Also, attaching a monetary aspect of donation-per-view will definitely help the cause.

Calling the campaign brilliant and clutter breaking, Shubho Sengupta, Digital Marketer, commented, “This is the best use of creative that I’ve seen connected to the environment issue in a very long time. The message is very strong and has definitely affected me personally. With so many NGOs carrying out this initiative with the same messaging, when a brand like PornHub comes up with something like this for the cause, it is definitely a ‘Wow’ moment.”

Sighania further said, “Initiatives like these need to generate a buzz and connecting porn with it will definitely do that as people all over the world watch porn. As they are donating money per view, it will definitely help the initiative as said earlier, people all around the world watch porn.”

This campaign adds to the list of initiatives carried out globally against environmental pollution. With such responsibilities taken up by brands like PornHub, it not only lays the guidelines for smart marketing in the environment protection sector, but also helps the initiative itself for actual conservation of our ecosystem.


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