What Is Your Brand's Policy?

Authored by Gautam Madhavan, CEO & Founder, Mad Influence

The changing time has also changed the way by which brands and businesses deal with the customers. Yes, now it is more of a conversation than the direct ways of advertising and marketing. The ability and skills of brands are therefore very crucial to create a conversational room for its customers in a way that benefits both the consumers and the brands in the larger picture.

The various messenger platforms that we have today offer a brand the opportunity to communicate with its consumers in a very interactive manner than the traditional one way messaging fashion rendering rich conversational experiences. And this is all a customer desires, they always hunt for newer ways and this is why it is very important for the brands to switch from their traditional strategies to the new age two-way interactive communication channels.

Engagement Is The Key! 

It's time to enter the arena of Invitational Marketing. Well, it is simple to invite your customers to engage in conversations with your brand through various means. In the age that offers technological advancements like the Augmented Reality, this asynchronous nature of communication is a great tool because it makes the conversation all the more flexible for its users who can take care of their time demands.

Strong Hold On Social Media  And Collaboration With Influencers, Is A Must!

Since the time social media started its proliferation in the market, it has become a need of every brand to create its presence in the digital world. But with time and especially when we talk about this everyday evolving digital age, amendments to policies become even more important. Customers want conversations, influencers are the perfect means! 

Social media is an aspect that no brand can ignore and at the same time it is the biggest opportunity for any brand to prosper, all you need to do is to make your customer’s experience worth it! Because the way your brand connects with its customers through the influencers, yes we cannot ignore influencers because they are the need of the present times, people rely more on what they save, they have their face value and infinite loyal followers which will not only give your brand a great deal of reach and engagement but will also help in deepening your roots over the web and of course in the eyes of your potential and loyal audiences. 

According to HubSpot, social media produces almost double the marketing leads of traditional outbound methods, but you can’t do this by simply creating a page and mindlessly posting updates. You need to have a two-way conversation with your audience on social media.

Believe it or not, but people express a lot of what they feel on social media, they share all their experiences about brands, businesses, products and about everything. So if you are able to manage with this then definitely your brand has a bright future!

So the key is, try and be a part of their conversation. Here one thing is worth paying attention to, even if it is a negative publicity of your brand, never abandon or ignore the talk, just be a part of it and make your audience believe in your concern towards them and do your best to repair your relationship and keep it at its best! And always find ways to break the ice, this indeed is gonna work like magic!

"Marketers have acknowledged that today's consumers trust word of mouth over brandspeak and so, they are increasingly collaborating with influencers who will help them reach newer and engaged audiences”, surveys show. The survey, undertaken during February and March this year, also noted a rise in influencers engagement by brands because of increase in ad blocking and growing dissonance among consumers for "brand messages".

"Brands will continue to increase their efforts and investments into influencer marketing, from the current event-based approach to a more steady state of influencer marketing. Good Influencers adds authenticity to the brand’s messaging. If the brand is able to select the right influencer matching their TG and Brand Style - the impact is much stronger than any promotional mediums."


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